Dear Families,

It’s hard to believe the 2018-2019 school year is already one-third of the way through.  Already this year we’ve had a very successful musical over the Veterans’ Day Weekend and lots of success on the fields, courts and courses this Fall season.

As the students will attest, we are continuing to keep our academic rigor and standards high as well as working hard to help our students realize the skills they will need to thrive our ever-changing professional world.  This year we have taken greater strides with the Challenge Success program. As many of you know, our theme this year is balance. We are encouraging our students, as well as faculty and community members, to reflect on balance in their days, their weeks, and their lives. 

Many of the  Challenge Success initiatives are rolled out during advisory as this is intended to be a comfortable environment for your children and assures the school that every student is getting similar messages. This October we did time tracking for a week, we asked your children to put all twenty-four hours of their day in a spreadsheet for a week and after that week we asked our students to reflect on how they actually spend their time. Over the weekend of November 4th we set the clocks back and on that Friday we showed our students a video on the science of sleep and how important it is for their brains to recover while sleeping so that their brains can optimize its abilities.

We are writing this letter to inform you of our activities next week around our Challenge Success program so you can also have conversations at home. Next week we are focusing on the balanced use of technology. Next Tuesday, your children are going to watch a video (linked) about how technology is taking up too much time in the lives of Americans in 2018 and that screens are making people less happy. We will discuss the videos in our advisories and it would be great if you could discuss it at home as well.

This coming Monday your children will get a list of 20 activities. We are having a competition at school to see which advisory can complete the most technology-free activities. We encourage parents to try some of these challenges as well and ask that you sign off on the activities your children complete.  We believe if you are involved your children will take them more seriously. It will look like a bingo board and your signed initials will act as the chips!

Technology can be an addiction. In our community and country some experts are calling it an epidemic. We are hoping to use next week to make a positive impact on our community, and as a model for future weeks, by encouraging less use of technology and spending some time away from screens for more enjoyable, healthy activities.

Thanks for your time and continued support,

Jamie and The Challenge Success Technology Team

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