The School Wellness Advisory Committee (SWAC ) is pleased to announce Dr. Lester Hartman will present a program for parents and teachers on Tuesday April 23, 2019 at 7:00pm in the Wellesley High School Auditorium. Dr. Hartman, a local pediatrician, is a leading expert on vaping and juuling and its effects on adolescents.

Vaping has become a significant health concern impacting our adolescent population. In the past few years e-cigarettes has emerged into a multi-million dollar business with vaping and juuling as their most popular items. Teens and young adults may not realize they are harmful, contain nicotine and other chemicals, damage a teen’s developing brain and lead to addiction. This phenomenon has moved very quickly and we all need to catch up with this dangerous fad so that we can provide education, direction and guidance to our teen population. We all must work together to keep our children safe and to provide them with solid, concrete facts as they begin to make choices involving their health. SWAC along with the school community will continue to focus on supporting the health and wellness of our students. We hope to see you on April 23rd!

The Dangers of Juuling: A Program for Parents and Teachers
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