Dear Students & Guardians:

At this time, Wellesley High School is making the final preparations for student schedules for the 2019-2020 school year.  In advance of releasing these schedules in August, it is important to pass along the following reminders and procedural information regarding our scheduling process and requests to make schedule changes:

When will schedules be officially released:

On June 3rd, after school, students will be given a list of  the courses for which they are currently registered. This list will not contain teacher names, locations, or times.

Barring any unforeseen complications, the expectation is that full schedules will be released August 23rd.  A confirmation email will be sent to all students and parents when schedules are released. 

How do I view my (student’s) schedule:

Schedules can be viewed via your personal PowerSchool account.  If you have any complications at that time, please contact your assigned House Office.

Students may have to make choices between competing interests:

As you review your (student’s) list of courses, please remember that every effort has been made to meet all individual requests.  Unfortunately, there are limitations to any schedule, and it is quite possible that due to the complexities of offering such a diverse and robust program of studies, students will have to make decisions to prioritize between their competing interests.  Guidance counselors will be available to support students in making these challenging, yet healthy, choices. 

As we continue to look through our policies and procedures at WHS through the lens of Challenge Success, we remain focused on reducing stress inducing practices and continuing to increase the personalization of our school environment.  As a result, the school has developed  process this spring for requesting a schedule change that eliminates the lines and first-come-first-served practices of the past practices.  This process is designed to ensure that requests to make a schedule change will be processed in an equitable manner.  Additionally, this approach will reduce the stress surrounding the change process by having discussions in a more personal environment with a student’s individual guidance counselor.

Procedure to make a Schedule Change Request after the June 3rd release:

Any student in need of making a schedule change is required to do the following:

  • See your School Counselor during lunch time walk-in hours, before and after school,  Monday June 3rd  through Friday June 7th to have a one-on-one discussion about the change they would like to make.
  •  Following a discussion with your guidance counselor, students who are interested in requesting a schedule change must complete a Schedule Change Request Form.
  • Schedule Change Request Forms must be signed by the parent/guardian to be considered complete.  All students and parents/guardians are encouraged to

to have a discussion regarding the request for a schedule change. 

  • If a student is requesting a level change they must complete a Course Level Change Form and get the appropriate signatures.
  • The deadline to submit a Schedule Change Request Form/Course Level Change Form is 3:00 pm on June 7th.
  • Schedule changes will not be processed until after June 10th.  It’s important to reemphasize that there is no priority given to students who see their counselors earlier in the week.  Please make sure to take your time, think through your options, and make a prudent decision.
  • Student will have one more opportunity to make a schedule change during the first days of the fall semester. 
  • Priority will be given to students who have an error on their schedule.  This includes:
    • Students who are missing a requested major course.
    • Students who are under enrolled (less than 34 credits).
  • There is no guarantee that a request for a schedule change will be met.  The master schedule is built upon the original course selections of all of our students and space is created to meet these requests.  All attempts to request a change to an individual schedule will be limited to the predetermined space available in all courses.    

The only urgency to this schedule change request process is for the student to arrange a time to meet with their guidance counselor prior to 3pm on June 7th.  The actual processing of the schedule change requests will not occur until after June 10th.  At that time, counselors will come together to process all change requests in an equitable manner that will go course by course and attempt to meet all requests.  If there are more requests to add a course than spaces available, a random lottery system will be used without consideration to the day or time that the student made the request.  Students unable to gain entry into the course will be placed on a waitlist based on the randomized lottery selection.  Students will only be contacted if their request can NOT be met.

Thank you all for your cooperation. 

Have a wonderful summer!

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2019-2020 Schedule Update
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