Wednesday, June 5, 2019

​​​​​​​Dear Families,

I’m writing to let you know we will be having an active shooter training with the students and faculty on Monday June 10th in the morning.  We will again be working in conjunction with the Wellesley Police Department to make this happen.  Unlike the fall, we will not be showing the kids the  training video we created (we will use that video again next year). 

The Active Shooter training will take place in your student’s Blue block (near the end).  Following the exercise, students will go back to their classes to collect their books, then go to advisory to debrief the training.

When I wrote to you in the fall I was under the impression we would only be discussing active shooter practices with students this spring, but as a district, we decided along with our colleagues at the Wellesley Police Department, that it would be best to do an actual lockdown and evacuation drill with the school. 

Just like the fall, there is an option for students to opt out of the training.  What’s different is that we are running the drill from an actual class instead of advisory to put it in a more likely context.  Since that is the case, I will come on the announcements a few minutes before we call the drill to ask students who are opting out to meet with selected staff in front of the main entrance.  Students are cc’d on this email, but please have this conversation with your child if you think they might be someone who wants to opt out. Families can also make the decision to keep their students home and should follow the absence protocol.  The absence will not be held against the student. The schedule for the day is included below.

I want to thank the Wellesley Police Department, specifically Sgt. Brian Spencer and School Resource Officer Evan Rosenberg for all their work helping us to craft this.  This strong partnership is helpful on many levels.

Finally, I want to end with writing that I continue to believe Wellesley High School is a safe place.  We do our best to know and support all our students since we believe that is the most important factor in ensuring student safety. As we remind the students all the time, please never worry alone.



Monday, June 10 Day 7

Block 1     –     7:30AM  –  8:29AM
Block 2     –     8:34AM  –  9:27AM  Blue

Active Shooter Alert will take place in Blue block (near the end).

Advisory :  9:37AM  –  9:50AM  Debrief Active Shooter Training

Block 3    –      9:55AM  –  10:50AM  Yellow

Block 4    –    10: 55AM –  12:22PM  Green

Block 5    –    12:27PM  –   1:26PM   Tan

Block 6    –     1:31PM   –   2:30PM   Purple

Active Shooter Training on Monday, June 10

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