October 25, 2019

Dear Parents,

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates postural screening for all school-aged children in grades 5-9.  The purpose of this screening is to find early signs of possible spinal problems during an adolescent’s growth period. This screening is not diagnostic but designed to identify young people who may need further evaluation. Early detection and prompt treatment of spinal issues can prevent problems from becoming severe.

The School Nurses in conjunction with the Fitness and Health Department will be conducting postural screening for the 9th-grade students. This screening will be done during fitness classes starting Tuesday, November 5.  Any freshman students that are not currently enrolled in a fitness class will be screened second semester. 

Girls and boys are screened separately. For optimal viewing of the spine, your child’s back should be bare. We suggest that the female students wear a sports bra on the day of screening.  If you do not wish your child to participate in the Postural Screening program at school, written documentation from your health care provider stating that your child has been screened within one year must be submitted to the school nurse prior to the screening date. Please note that many physicians make note of postural screening on the physical examination forms.

If your child has any unusual findings, you will be notified and asked to take your child to your physician for evaluation. The majority of students exhibit no findings.  If nothing unusual is found, we will not be contacting you.

Please do not hesitate to call the school nurses if you have any questions or concerns. 


Shari Johnson, RN

Pam Sheridan, RN                                                      

Krisann Miller  RN

781-446-6290  ext 4503
781-237-6004  ( Fax)

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