Dear Families,

I’m excited to be writing to you today to give you the details of how our Class of 2020 senior parade is going to work.  This parade is intended to be both meaningful and celebratory for our students, their families, and the entire Wellesley Community. There are some particulars we will need to follow to make sure it is organized in such a way that our only concern is cheering on these great kids.

Enclosed in this communication are:

  • Instructions for your arrival the morning of the parade.
  • A map of the driving route for you to familiarize yourself with and to plan places for friends and families to watch.
  • A map of the parking lot at the high school so you can see your driving route in and out.
  • A list of restrictions that will keep everyone safe during the parade.
  • Instructions on viewing the parade
  • Instructions for receiving the diploma and exiting the parking lot immediately.
  • A short RSVP survey that will both give us an idea of numbers and let us know if anyone does not have access to a car or a driver that day so we can help.

Instructions for your arrival the morning of the parade

Please pay close attention to the arrival times listed below.  We are staggering the arrival to make it easier to cue up in as orderly a manner as possible. We have a section of each WHS house coming each half hour so we are not trying to organize an entire house at the same time. You must enter Babson from the Olin College entrance on Great Plain Avenue.  There will be signs to guide you to the Trim parking lot on Babson’s campus.  You will not be allowed to enter either of the Babson gates that morning. 

When you arrive at Trim lot, you will be directed to the lane designated for your house. Seniors will be organized by house, but we will not be putting you in alphabetical order within the house.  We will be able to spot you and present you with the correct diploma at the high school based on the hang tag we are providing you.  Each tag will be color coded by house and include both the senior’s name and an internal diploma number.  We will deliver one hang tag to you prior to the parade, and we will have a second copy to hand you the morning of the parade.  This event is rain or shine, so plan accordingly.


Arrival times:

7:00-7:25 a.m. 
Falcone- Hartnett

7:25 -7:55 a.m. 

7:55- 8:25 a.m.
Lopez-Benitez- Moore

If you are going to be an early arriver, please feel free to bring materials to continue decorating your car.  Please bring your own trash bag with you.  We will also have portable bathrooms available.

An essential list of safety precautions for the parade

The creation of this parade was a joint effort between the Wellesley Public Schools, the Wellesley Police Department, the Wellesley Fire Department, the Wellesley Health Department, and the Board of Selectmen. All of our conversations centered around the safety of everyone involved in this event.  The following list represents essential steps to protect us all from the pandemic and driving hazards.

  1. Students receiving a diploma must sit on the passenger side of the vehicle and must be wearing a mask.  It is suggested to please wear gloves.
  2. Parents or guardians should be driving each car. One family per car only (this will also help us with diploma distribution).
  3. Everyone must stay seated in the vehicle.  Seat belts are required by law. No riding in the back of pickup trucks or other open bed vehicles is allowed.
  4. The driver should be sure to keep a safe distance between vehicles during the parade.

Important note from WPD: if you do get into a minor accident, please do not stop in the middle of the parade to exchange information as this could create a more dangerous situation and cause more accidents.  Just take note of the cars involved and their license plates.  After the parade is over you can get in touch with the WPD who can assist you in finding the other cars involved if necessary.

There will be a Police Vehicle leading the parade, trailing the parade, and multiple officers will be stationed along the route.

Best places to view the parade

The best viewing locations are on Washington Street between Wellesley Avenue and Route 9.  This prime viewing area also has lots of parking available.  Please plan to arrive early.  The Police will be closing the street at 9 am for about thirty minutes.

There will be no viewing of the parade at Wellesley High School.

Instructions for receiving the diploma and exiting the WHS parking lot

All the cars will enter from Rice street and head towards the main entrance where we will distribute diplomas.  No one is to exit their vehicles at any time.  Dr. Chisum will hand the diploma to each graduating senior but because of Covid safety precautions will not be shaking anyone’s hands (even though he’d love to do that).

As you enter the parking lot, please drive slowly and pay attention to traffic. There will be a lot of distractions – decorations, music, and staff members there to celebrate the students.  Each car will be stopping briefly in two places in front of the school so drivers should be ready to start and stop gently.

The first stop will be to pause in front of the class officers before you get to the entrance of the school.

The second will be at Dr. Chisum right in front of the school.  This is where each senior will receive their diploma.

We will have spotters with portable radios notifying the organizing team at the front of the school who is arriving, so please have your hang tag visible as you arrive at the high school. This is how we will keep the parade moving and ensure everyone gets the correct diploma.

After the diploma is handed out, it is essential that your car exits the parking lot.  Because of the Covid-19 safety restrictions, we cannot allow large gatherings at any part of this event. Only WHS staff will be allowed to enter and park that morning.  Other family members will not be allowed to enter to watch from the high school parking lot.  Wellesley Media will be covering the event and there are photographers who will capture the diploma reception moment and post it online later.   All traffic exiting the parking lot will have to take a right out of the driveway to either Rice street or Paine street, as going left would cause disruption to the rest of the parade. The parade event concludes as each car leaves the High School parking lot.

Quick RSVP survey

By completing this survey, you will help us with our planning.  We want to make sure every senior who wants to participate is present so we can celebrate you all.

Thank you so much for your attention to all of the details included here.  If you have any further questions, please reach out to either Karen Bognanni at or Diane Zinck at

We are so excited to see you all on June 6th!  Thank you for coming to celebrate our seniors with us.






WHS_Senior Parade Map_June 6.pdf 





Senior Parade Important Information – Please Read
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