Hello Everyone!

I’m writing to you today with great excitement and anticipation for tomorrow as the first in person day of the school year!  The faculty, staff, and I can’t wait to have live students in Wellesley High School going to class and learning again.

As you get ready for tomorrow, I need to give the students some explicit instructions on logistics that must be followed in order for our time together to be successful.  There are some real differences in how our day will run so please read this carefully.


To get to school students ride the school bus, walk to school, or their family takes responsibility for getting them here another way.

* Before entering the building all staff and students must use the QR code on the glass front of any entry door to take a very short wellness attestation survey. This survey will help us track who is in the building and remind people they must wear masks at all times in the building or while near other people outside it, they must maintain physical distancing whenever possible, they must wash and/or sanitize their hands frequently, and they must not enter the building if they are exhibiting any of the symptoms listed on the survey.

Bus arrivals – Typically, busses arrive at WHS between 7:05 and 7:15.  Those students will be dropped off behind the school near the cafeteria. They will enter the building through the cafeteria doors and find a desk in the cafeteria.  Until 7:30 there is nowhere else in the building those students can be.  You can choose to stay outside if you prefer.

  • Special note for bus riders – You can pick up your bus tickets at your house offices by the end of the week. You will need them to ride the bus.

Non Bus arrivals – None of the other students will be allowed inside the building until 7:30 when we will open all of the doors. Once students enter the building, they are to go directly to their 1st block class. There is no hanging around the hallways or the cafeteria. You are welcome to wait outside and physically distance from other students.  The tent areas are open for you to use at this time.

There is no locker use under our current Covid safety protocols.

First block begins at 8:00 am.


At 2:30 students will be dismissed from class and exit the building for the day. They are to follow the exit paths their last block teacher tells them to follow in order to keep from crowding common areas and stairwells.

Exceptions –  Students who are attending an after school club (and almost none of them are starting yet. More information about clubs will come from each club soon) or if students are changing for athletics.

Students in a club will go directly to the location of their club and physically distance once there.

Athletes who were in school that day (not remote) are allowed to use the locker rooms to change clothes but cannot leave bags or other belongings in the locker room.  They must bring all their things to their sport location and then go home from their sport game/practice.  They will not be allowed back into the building once they leave.

Passing time

At the end of each class, your teacher will tell you when it is time for you to leave the classroom and how to exit appropriately for their particular room.  A bell will ring at the end of the period and at that time, classes on the 4th floor will leave class. Three minutes later classes on the 3rd floor will exit and follow their paths.  Three more minutes later and the 2nd and 1st floors will dismiss.

All the paths bring students outside the building so they can take a mask break before reentering through the main entrance and proceeding directly to their next class.  Students must keep their 6 foot distance outside in order to remove their masks.  There is 15 minutes of total time between classes. The staggered dismissal is to keep from overcrowding areas.


All students should report to their 3rd block classes directly on their first day.  At that time their teachers will let them know what lunch they will regularly take from that time forward. Teachers will also let students know which tent area they will go to for lunch (when we are outside) and which indoor area the class is to eat at (when lunch is indoors).   Unless we make an announcement after the 1st block saying lunch is indoors, it will be outdoors.   Students can choose their seats in the lunch area, but they cannot change tent areas to be with their friends.  All seating is spread at least 8 feet apart to make it safe for students to remove their masks and eat. It is a good idea to bring a towel or something else to sit on as there is no furniture in the tents.

Adults in the area will tell students when they can return to class.

Also, please see the attached memo from the WPS on the USDA plan for all students to have free meals “through December 31st or earlier if the federal funds run out”.


Stairwell traffic is one way this year to help with safety concerns.  Therefore, there are some staircases that are for going up only and others that are only for going down.

Stairwells for going up – The main staircase at the back of the cafeteria that goes up through the center of the building (just outside the House offices) is for students and staff needing to go to the 3rd or 4th floor.  The “grand staircase” in the main lobby is to be used for anyone needing to go to the second floor only.

Stairwells for going down –   In order to go downstairs to any floor, students and staff must use the staircases at the ends of the hallways. Any end of the hallway staircase can be used to go down to any floor.

Elevator – Students must have written permission from the nurse to use the elevators.

Only one person can be on the elevator at any one time unless there is an adult staff member escorting a student.

Note on Senior Parking – We have not had our Student Supervisors on campus to run our parking lottery, but they will be here the rest of this week so they will be running the parking lottery.  Since that is the case for this week only (ending Friday October 2nd)  SENIORS can park between the numbered spaces 61 – 100 (marked by orange cones) on a first come first serve basis.

Important notes

  • Anyone who has recently returned from a state that is not on the Massachusetts state approved list must follow state guidelines and quarantine according to guidelines. Please consult the state website for more information. https://www.mass.gov/info-details/covid-19-travel-order
  • Please see communications from the house offices on applying for junior or senior passes.  We are encouraging all who are eligible to take advantage of the ability to leave campus.
  • Please also see communication from the house offices on applying for permanent dismissals if you are a 9th or 10th grader.  This will allow you to arrive late if you don’t have a 1st block class or leave early if you do not have a 4th block class.

Please note our “Gray Block” class which meets on Thursday and Friday afternoon is seriously undersubscribed because it replaced our previous 7:30 block. We are highly encouraging 9th and 10th graders to get a permanent dismissal or sign up for one of the gray block offerings rather than stay in the building during that time

We will post this note on our reopening website (WHS reopening website for students) for everyone to be able to see as a reference moving forward. We believe this plan will work to keep us safe and productive, but if we need to make adjustments to improve it we certainly will.

Be well and I look forward to seeing everyone!


Dr. Chisum

USDA meal plan extension SY20-21(4).pdf 

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