Hi, Everyone, ​​​​​​​

I wanted to send along a note about our first week with live instruction.  After talking to hundreds of kids over the past two days (all with masks on), I can tell you that every single one of them I spoke with told me they were glad to be back.  We were certainly glad to have them. As I say all the time, schools are horrible places without kids in them. I know I missed your kids tremendously and after a long summer it was good to joke and smile with them these past two days. 

Some quick thoughts for you. 

1. Bells – The recent power outages we had did some damage to our bells and main paging system. As a result we’ve been left making announcements through our back up paging system in the phones to dismiss kids from classes. We do hope to have this fixed as soon as possible, but I appreciate all the students’ patience with this. 

2. Masks – masks are really the number one safety practice we have and while there are others that are important it is absolutely essential we get this one right. All students and staff need to be wearing a mask when they are near other people.  They can only remove the mask while eating and 8 or more feet apart in the building. Masks must stay covering the nose and mouth or it isn’t helping.  Please help reinforce this at home. 

3.  Do not drop off items – for safety reasons we are not allowing visitors into our building, so we are asking parents not to bring things and expect to drop them off for students in the main office. If there is an emergency we have placed a small shelving unit in the vestibule at the front. We ask you to not use that unless it is an emergency.  Thank you for understanding. 

4. Your children have been great – The kids were so good this week. Honestly we weren’t sure how the kids would do with all the new rules and procedures. They did a great job.  Please praise them for this at home. It is how we will keep WHS from having to close! 

5.  The staff here deserves great thanks – Teachers here have been adaptable, creative, and they have been working so hard trying to get this new type of teaching right. Our custodial staff is working constantly wiping down touch surfaces and doing their deep cleaning work after hours. Our nursing staff managed our first Covid cases this week and were meticulous following our established contact tracing protocols to keep us all safe. 

And thanks to all of the families out there for your patience and understanding of how hard it is to do this work in our new environment. WHS certainly doesn’t look like it did in early March of last spring.  However, the spirit of community is still strong here.  For example, these past two mornings we had balloons, sidewalk chalk messages for our new seniors, and DJ/Senior Class President Josh Lunger to welcome all the kids back to their school. Thanks for all you’re doing to help keep us going. 

Have a great weekend. 



Quick Thoughts from our First Week Back
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