9 October 2020

Happy Friday Everyone!

As we finish up our second week of school in the hybrid model, I’m glad to report the students remain very positive about being here in person.  It’s so good to be able to greet them and put teachers and students together in the same space, even if only ½ of them at a time.  The teachers are continuing to work very hard in this new environment. We know it’s impossible for the human brain to literally do two things at one time and yet our teachers are splitting their attention and their class time between the students in front of them and the students at home.  More than one veteran teacher has remarked they feel like a brand new teacher again.  It’s amazing to me what they’re doing.

I wanted to alert you that next week there are a few changes in the schedule to accommodate for the holiday on Monday, October 12th. When a no school holiday falls in the hybrid schedule, for either Cohort A or B, we will use the next Wednesday to make up for that lost full day.  Please see below for days changing for your student’s cohorts.

There will be a special schedule the week of Thanksgiving and the week we leave for December break. Please stay tuned next week for more details.

Important Dates

Monday, October 12
Columbus Day – No School*

Wednesday, October 14
Full Day – Cohort A (to make up for Monday 10/12)*

Wednesday, October 28th
Remote Back to School Night

Tuesday, November 3rd
Election Day – Early Dismissal – Remote Wednesday schedule**

Wednesday, November 4th
Full Day Hybrid for Cohort B (to make up for Tuesday 11/3)**

Remote Back to School Night – Wednesday, October 28th

Teachers will be recording videos for parents to view on Wednesday, October 28th as our Back to School Night remote edition.  Please save the date and tune in to a live welcome and instructional video from Dr. Chisum at 6:30,  prior to the release of your student’s teacher’s recordings.

Athletics Kicked Off   

Great work to all our athletes, coaches and our Athletics Department for opening the fall season with boy and girls soccer, cross country and swimming, girls field hockey and golf.  I’m so glad students are getting the chance to play as many sports as we can offer.  It’s been such a great outlet and connection for our athletes.

Traveling Reminder

If you are traveling out of state for the long weekend please visit the Mass.gov website on travel to be sure you are following the proper precautions.  We do not need any paperwork from you upon your return.  We are trusting that everyone is doing their part to protect our community.


Administrative Reminder

Some students have been showing up in their classes remotely on days they should actually be in the building.  If your family determines the student should not go to school, please call your house assistant to let them know what is happening.  If they attend virtually without notification from you, we will question them. We expect students to be in school on their cohort days every time they are healthy to do so.

Finally, the kids have really done a great job wearing masks and washing hands so far.  We really appreciate the hard work in those areas.  We can definitely be better about physically distancing at times, so please help us with that messaging.

Have a great long weekend and be well.




WHS Newsletter 10/09/2020
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