Hi, Everyone, 

Well, this has definitely been a week I was hoping we wouldn’t have. I want to start by acknowledging the news of the closure was difficult to receive I know.  It was a difficult decision for Dr. Lussier and the Board of Health to have to make. 

I want you to know we do realize the impact going remote has on the kids and that we are working hard here to do everything we can to keep the school open once we do. Please reach out to your child’s teacher, counselors, and other support staff with any questions or concerns you may have about them along the way.  We want to do everything we can to support them during their remote time. 

I am hopeful that we will be returning to our hybrid schedule on time and that we will get back to the in person connections we know students need in the classroom, in athletics, and in our other extracurricular activities. 

I’m happy that we designed our schedule to switch back and forth from hybrid to remote without only a minor adjustment in time for lunch. Hopefully, that part of the transition this week went smoothly. 


This week the testing did it’s job and I am confident in saying that without it we would have a much worse spread of the virus. I’m thankful for that, but I’m disappointed that we had almost 200 fewer students participate in it than we did the first week.  The more students who take part in the testing the safer we will be and the longer we will be able to stay open. We aren’t set up to do testing this week because of the closure and the lack of time to adjust our distribution and collection, but we are committed to putting together another baseline test prior to our reopening. The details for this are still in flux, but you should be hearing more from us about this next week. 

Teacher Videos

Just a reminder that your teacher videos are still up if you haven’t had the chance to see them yet.  We are leaving them up through the Thanksgiving break to make sure you have a chance to see them.  Parents tell me they’ve enjoyed watching them with their kids.  Find them at the Staff Directory on the main page of our website. 

I hope you all have a safe and peaceful weekend. 

Be well. 




Title 1 Targeted Assistance Program

Wellesley High School (WHS) is once again participating in the federally-funded Title I Targeted Assistance Program (TAP). This program provides financial resources for supplemental academic programming in order to ensure that all of our students meet the State’s challenging content and performance standards. (More information about Title I can be found here.) 

SY20-21_Title I Letter_WHS.pdf 

Save the Date – PTSO Meeting, November 18th

Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, November 18th at 9:00am via Zoom.

This meeting will be held as a webinar, and you must REGISTER IN ADVANCE for the link.

In addition to updates from the WHS Leadership Team, we will be continuing our “Spotlight” series with Elisa Morris (WHS Department Head for Math) and Mike Reidy (WHS Department Head for Social Studies).

To review the agenda in more detail, please visit: November 18th Meeting Agenda

From the desk of the Guidance Department

Senior families are encouraged to reach out to their guidance counselors to talk about their specific needs.  The post secondary process this year definitely comes with different challenges but your counselors are committed to working through the journey together. 

Grade 11 Families – Save the Date

Wednesday, November 18th 6:45 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Junior Parent Evening 
An overview of the post-secondary planning process and insight from college admissions representatives.

Join Zoom Meeting https://wellesleyps.zoom.us/j/82470641147?pwd=UG1mOU11S0h0ayt2SFgrRk1sc2lVZz09
Meeting ID: 824 7064 1147

Password: 459775

For general support please refer to the class specific pages on our guidance website

Calendar News

Change in calendar for the days prior to the Thanksgiving and Year End breaks in order to balance color block meetings.
Please note that these are both B weeks.

Monday 11/23 and 12/21 – F day
Orange Yellow Green Blue

Tuesday 11/24 and 12/22 – J day

Tan Red Purple Gray


The Week’s End Report – Friday, November 13
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