20 November 2020

Dear Families,

This has certainly been a busy week and I’m hoping this communication will be helpful for you all to have the information you need for your children.


Ever since the High School has gone remote we have been doing everything we can to ensure the safe return of students as soon as possible.  First, we have been examining our safety measures and protocols to ensure that all our building spaces are as safe as possible.  We have been working with a town engineer, members of the Facilities and Maintenance Department, our director of nursing, multiple members of the board of health including an Epidemiologist, and district administrators.  Dr. Lussier should be communicating about this work in the coming week.

Also next week our in house health and safety team will be joined by three local epidemiologists who will be doing a walk through of our entire building and a review of the safety protocols we have in place to give us recommendations or enhancements about what they see.


I know you received this communication from Dr. Lussier last night, but I wanted to include it again in case that was helpful:

Dear WHS Parents/Guardians:

We are all eager to return to in-person learning at Wellesley High School after the Thanksgiving break.  As an added measure to ensure everyone’s safety, we would like to offer another baseline viral testing opportunity for students and staff prior to reopening.  Because of the timing of the holiday weekend, this is challenging but we believe if we all work together, we can make this happen.  

Viral Testing Kit Pick-up & Registration

We are asking all families to pick up a test kit at one of these times and locations (look for the WEF banner in the parking lot):

  • Saturday, November 21 – Boston 11 am – 1 pm, semi-circle entrance to the Franklin Park Zoo

  • Saturday, November 21 – WHS 10 am – 12 pm

  • Monday, November 23 – WHS, 5 – 7 pm

  • Tuesday, November 24 – Barton Road Community Center, 4 – 6 pm 

  • Friday, November 27 – WHS 11 am – 1 pm

Once you have your testing kit(s),  please remember to register each student’s kit(s) online.  Without this registration, we are unable to match students with their samples.  

(Please note that we will communicate separately with staff on their timeline and process.)

Viral Testing Sample Drop-Off

On the morning of Sunday, November 30th,  students will collect their saliva samples at home per our usual protocol and drop off their samples at the WHS parking lot between 9 – 11 am or in Boston between 11am – 12 pm at the semicircle entrance to the Franklin Park Zoo.  We realize that Sunday is not optimal but it is necessary in order to receive initial results before the restart of hybrid learning.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we add this additional measure to ensure school safety.


Dr. David Lussier
Superintendent of Schools

Thanksgiving travel

The following is advice compiled by our Director of Nursing Linda Corridan.

Nursing Website – Thanksgiving Safety

Increased communication about attendance

When we get back into the building after the Thanksgiving break the house offices plan to increase their communication about students when they are missing classes – both in person and online. In the past we only sent a robo call if students missed two or more classes in a day, but we will be increasing those calls to include missing even one class to help ensure we are staying in touch during this challenging time.

Normally, this time of year many of us have lots of big moments to look forward to, pep rallys, football games, and family gatherings. While we may not be able to enjoy all of those, I am hopeful that in the coming weeks we can find joy and gratitude in other ways that might be smaller, but still important and fulfilling.

Have a great weekend and be well.


Best, ​​​​​​​



Week’s End Report 20 November 2020
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