26 March 2021

Dear Families, 

Happy Friday and welcome to the weekend.  After a week of phenomenal weather and challenges, we’ve all earned it! 

The Update on bringing back all students

There actually isn’t any dramatic update at this time.  Here are some pieces we’re still working through. 

We are still working with the Wellesley Police Department and a traffic consultant on how to best manage the drop off of what we estimate will be over 800 cars per day for our 8:00 am start. 

We are still working to finalize details about our schedule including passing times, our lunch solution, and more. 

The details from my letter from March 19th are a good reference for where we are so far. 

We will have a document outlining all our full return schedules and plans will be sent to you the week of April 5th.

We will be holding a webinar to go over that document and answer questions about the high school return on April 12th from 7 to 8:30 pm. The link is forthcoming. 

Schedule and Test kits for Next Week

We have a four day week next week because of the Good Friday holiday.  We will be collecting our surveillance test kits on Monday and Tuesday as usual, but we are asking students to pick up kits any day of the week.  Please remember Monday and Thursday will be A cohort days as usual, but Cohort B will attend in person on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday will be a Friday Schedule. 

Please remember continuing to participate in our surveillance testing is an extremely important part of keeping us all safe. Masking, distancing, hand washing, and testing are essential.  We may be coming back to school full time, but in order to do this safely we need to continue to do all of these things.  We know this pandemic is not over yet. 

Picture of our Football team

I want to take this opportunity to let you know we realize the recent picture of our football team in the news showed our players, students, and children not physically distancing or wearing masks. This was an unsafe situation.  I want to assure you our Athletic Director, John Brown, and I have spoken with Coach Davis who has communicated with his team several times about the seriousness of adherence to our protocols.  

I realize there are a lot of questions out there regarding the behavior of teenagers and how we plan to manage them when we return to school in full.  What I can tell you is that we are messaging the appropriate health and safety protocols to every corner of the building and every program in our school.   We also recognize that teenagers and adults will occasionally make mistakes along this path, and what we will do when that happens is address it as swiftly and clearly as we can.  The existence of those mistakes do pose a level of risk that I know you all considered as you send your kids back to school with the full population.  Please know we take this responsibility seriously and we will do our best to keep Wellesley high school safe. 

Academic Decathlon – State Champs!

Congratulations to Ryan Liacos and the students on our Academic Decathlon team.  The team won the Massachusetts state championship last week, upending an Acton-Boxborough program who have won 28 of the 37 state championships that have ever been held.  Awesome! 

I hope you all have a restful weekend. 

Be well. 



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