Dear Families, 

Even though it was a short week, we packed a lot into it.  Most of our sports teams began their games this week and we really got fully into the swing of our regular schedule again.  Since we had so many special events last week, this was the first week we returned to our pre-covid schedule since March of 2020. It felt really good. 

9th grade parents

It was a pleasure to host some of our 9th grade parents this morning for some conversation in the auditorium and for tours of the school.  We reminded parents to use their house office like a main office, which is a shift from middle school.  We talked about how we use guidance seminars, advisories, and the house model itself to make a big school feel smaller.  We also had some parents of older students give the advice they should never worry alone, not overuse Powerschool, and they should reach out whenever they have questions.   Dr. Allan Wyatt from Human Relations Service asked parents to reflect on what they remember from their time transitioning to high school themselves and how that might play into their feelings about their own child’s transition.  The highlight was likely a special opportunity to have our student mentors lead parents on tours of the school during an actual school day.  I hope the parents enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed meeting them. 

Academic excellence in action!

One of our four core values is Academic Excellence and as I had the opportunity to visit classrooms this week I was impressed with how I saw our teachers breathing life into this value already.  Even though it is only day 6 I was really glad to see teachers and students off and running. Here’s a quick sampling of what I saw in just the last two days:

  • AP Environmental students testing water samples from the town brook

  • Senior English students realizing yesterday was the only Sep 9, 2021 they would ever have as they read poetry by Jane Kenyon and Richard Wibur

  • 9th grade social studies students were learning the value of primary and secondary sources to the understanding of history. 

  • AP Computer Science classes learning how the fundamental expressions of Java work with each other. 

  • 10 grade Modern World History classes were working through the overlapping reasons why we teach that curriculum in units of ideas and not chronology. 

  • 10th grade English classes who were already giving their first graded presentations in front of the class. 

I wish you could see what I get to see when I walk around our building. There is so much creativity from the teachers and so much hard work, already, from our students. I know there are many, many other examples happening every day and each one of them breathes powerful life into our core value of academic excellence. 

Covid monitoring

I know Dr. Lussier reported on our current Covid numbers earlier today.  I want you to know we will continue to monitor ways we might make our building safer as needed moving forward, and communicate them out to you if we do change anything. 

9/11 message on Friday

I wanted to let you know I did make an announcement to the school during our advisory time today.  I did not write out my remarks, but I can tell you what I did was recount what I remember from the moment I found out what was happening on September 11, 2001.  I was teaching English at the old Wellesley High School building at the time and a former student came to me very upset, telling me about the first plane hitting the first tower. I shared my memory because I knew the kids don’t have one. I wanted to give them something they could imagine about how that day was for us and for all the people who lost loved ones that day. I then asked them to observe a moment of silence with me to commemorate what happened 20 years ago. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend. 



Please join us! Register for the first PTSO meeting of the school year.

The first PTSO meeting of the 2021-2022 school year will be held on September 15 from 9:00-10:30 am via Zoom.

The meeting will be conducted as a webinar and will be recorded. Advance registration is required using this link. Once you are registered, you will receive the information needed to access the webinar. Please share your questions in advance when registering.

Agenda for the meeting:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Understanding Recent Changes in Electives/Health Scheduling
  • WHS Leadership Update
  • PTSO Business
  • New Business

Week’s End Bulletin September 10, 2021
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