16 December 2021

Dear Families,  

I’m writing to you all this afternoon to inform you about some additional Covid considerations we’ve had to make at the high school today. 

Earlier this week I wrote to let you know that because of cases in the Child Lab community we decided to close that program for the week.  Today we learned of an additional positive case in that community.  We have already informed the families of our small children that we will be keeping the young ones out until the school reopens on January 3rd. We are being particularly cautious with this population in order to protect our preschoolers who are unable to be vaccinated.  

Today we also learned about a positive Covid case within our choral community.  To complicate matters the winter choral concert is scheduled for tonight at 7 pm.  Due to the nature of the performance, we decided to do a rapid antigen test on all close contacts who are performing this evening and tomorrow, regardless of vaccination status.  No singer is being allowed to sing unless they have a negative test from today. 

We are doing everything we can to ensure we can continue on with all our regularly scheduled school activities.  We appreciate everything you are doing at home to help remind students to pay attention to masking and social distancing at school and at home. Students should stay home if they are feeling sick.  These are the mitigations that will make it possible for us to run the activities we all love so much. Thank you. 



Covid News 16 December 2021
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