12 May, 2023

Dear Families, 

Happy Friday!  The only responsible way to start this letter is by addressing a couple of elephants we’re grappling with right now.  So, one at a time, here they are. 

Standards Based Grading is Going Away 

I’ve been hearing from a lot of our parents asking about Standards Based Grading for next year so I want to get right to this update on that topic.  Wellesley High School will not be using the standards based grading system moving forward.  We will put individual grades on individual assignments, those grades will be averaged into a larger term and final grades.  We will use pluses and minuses.  Evolutions will continue to use SBG and the World Language Department will continue to use the system they’ve been using for at least the last 15 years.   We believe the grades should not be causing confusion or angst and we think the best way to remove that is by returning to a grading system families are familiar with and trust.  Our courses will still have standards as they always have – they need to answer what are the most important things each course is about.  The state continues to have required standards for most departments (and has for decades in some departments).  We still believe in the course alignment work we’ve been doing, so we will continue to do that work too.  I’m not parsing or selling anything here, just trying to be clear.  Will we likely still have challenges with grades in the fall? Yes. We always have, and this adjustment might not be perfect right away, but I truly believe it will be extremely comforting to anyone who has been concerned with the classes that were using standards based grading. 

If anything else comes up as the teachers work through the necessary adjustments for this change, I will certainly let you know all about it. 

Contract Situation

I’m actually not going to address anything specific about the contract because it would not be appropriate.  I do want to acknowledge that it is something that is on all of our minds and I believe everyone is hopeful for a resolution to come soon.  If there are any concerns you have about supporting your student please reach out to us so we can help. 



WHS Student Named US Presidential Scholar Award

Congratulations to Wellesley High senior Katherine Liu, who this week was named the winner of two prestigious awards, the U.S. Presidential Scholar Award and the National Merit Scholarship Award.

Katherine is one of just 161 high school seniors around the country named as a U.S. Presidential Scholar, awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement, artistic excellence, technical expertise, leadership, citizenship, service, and contributions to school and community.

Please CLICK HERE to read the Official Press Release, and our Congratulations to Katherine!



WHS Student Places First at Massachusetts High School Science and Engineering Fair

We are delighted to announce that Arin Nazarian’s project, titled “Wren Reforestation Project: Developing an Automated Airborne Seed Dispersal System for Agriculture and Reforestation Efforts,” has achieved First Place at the 2023 Massachusetts High School Science and Engineering Fair. Click here for a photo of Arin’s project report and display board, which demonstrate his hard work over the past year. Many thanks to Mr. Nathan Margolin-Schulman for his unwavering support and guidance throughout Arin’s learning endeavor, and whose commitment to STEM education undoubtedly played a significant role in shaping Arin’s success. Congratulations, Arin!


Attention: All Art Enthusiasts

Our Ceramics Intensive Students will have their portfolio show exhibition on Thursday May 18 from 6-7:30pm in Needham.  The work will be on display and available for purchase May 18 through June 1 at the Gorse Mill Gallery in Needham.  All are welcome and encouraged to attend!




Junior Seminar Extension

Junior Seminar Extension is an opportunity for juniors to get continued support with their post-secondary planning process throughout the spring. While you may work individually with your school counselor, there are weekly drop-in sessions and once-per-cycle information sessions reviewing much of the content presented in Junior Seminar Quarter 3. 

All sessions will meet in Room 357. A schedule of sessions and topics can be found HERE

  • Block 1, Day 7:   7:30-8:00 drop in support, 8:00-8:30 topic based information sessions

  • Lunch Block, Tuesdays: 10:50-12:30 drop in support (snacks/pizza provided )

 Please feel free to stop by!!



AP Students

This year, all AP Exams will be held in the WHS Library. Students should arrive at the Library 10 minutes prior to their exams. There, students will line up outside the Library and wait for their proctors to check them into the testing area.

While some smaller groups might test in various other rooms in the building, the Library is where students should go to check in and be directed to their small group.

The exception to this rule is for any AP Language Exam. Students taking AP Chinese, Spanish, French, or German should report to the Language Lab (room 154).

Students should remember to bring:


Photo ID

If your exam allows: calculator and/or straight-edge.


A small snack for your break

Bottled water in a sealed container will be permitted.



Please remember that students will not be able to access their phones during the test, even during their break, unless pre-approved to do so and under the direct supervision of testing staff.



Library Hours During AP Exams

In order to have adequate testing space for the AP Exams, The WHS Library will be closed from May 1st – May 10th, with limited access only to students taking an AP Exam. Students may not use the library during free periods, lunch or Directed Research. DR students should remain in their assigned DR classrooms.  Students needing to use a printer can do so in their House Offices.

We apologize for this inconvenience and hope that informing everyone ahead of time will allow for alternate study arrangements.



WHS Parent YA Book Club

Our final gathering for this school year will be in JUNE on Wednesday, June 7th in the Wellesley Free Library at (in the cafe on the 1st floor) to discuss the book, “Behold the Dreamers” by Imbolo Mbue. While technically an adult book, it is part of the WHS English Department curriculum.

The Wellesley Free Library has copies of our June book available to borrow at the 2nd floor info desk.



Class of 2023 End of Year Activities

The countdown is on! Parents/Guardians will be hosting a party for the Graduates of Class of 2023 at WHS on the night of June 2nd. Students will return to the high school by 10:30pm and celebrate with their entire class until pick-up at 3am. To help make this event a success, please consider being a volunteer by registering  here, and we are asking families of the seniors to donate here.

The Senior Banquet is Wednesday, May 31st at Belkin Lookout Farm for Yearbook distribution, dinner and senior video. Tickets available here – click on Senior Activities.

Find a complete calendar of Senior Activities here. Senior Spirit Week starts Monday!



Message to Class of 2023 from WHS Technology Department

The WHS Technology team would like to congratulate you on your graduation and wish you the very best in your future pursuits! Here is some housekeeping information for you before you leave WHS:

  • Your @wpsraiders Google account will be deleted as of August 31st, 2023.

  • Please make sure you download your Google Drive files (if needed) as you will not have access to them after the above date.  Use this Google Takeout help sheet.

  • If you have given your WPS email ID to college/s and/or other institutions, please make sure you provide them with your personal email ID moving forward.

  • If you have used your WPS email ID to create logins to college/s and/or other institutions, please make sure to update your profile and change the email to your personal email ID.

  • If you have a WPS issued laptop, please return the laptop & charger on or before Tuesday, May 23th.



WHS Track and Field Fundraiser – Car Wash on Sunday

Please support the WHS Girls and Boys track and field teams carwash on Sunday, May 14.  This team has 247 athletes and this is the team’s biggest fundraiser! We also encourage everyone to wash Mom’s car on Mother’s Day.

  • Sunday May 14 – 11am – 2pm

  • 148 Linden Street (across from Linden Store)

All proceeds benefit the WHS Girls and Boys track and field teams.  Click here for more information



Last night was an exciting kick off to our End of Year Celebrations for the students.  Both our Sophomore Semi-Formal at Elm Bank and our Junior Boat Cruise around Boston Harbor went off smoothly and safely for everyone.  We wouldn’t normally have them both on the same night, but given the challenges in scheduling Elm Bank, we wanted our 10th graders to get their event so we made it happen.  I’m so thankful the weather was warm and beautiful for both.  

I hope you all have a great weekend. 



WHS Weekly Bulletin May 12, 2023
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