The application process includes writing a proposal, securing signatures, and interviewing with the Senior Project Committee. Projects are not allowed to take place in the parents’ home, garage, basement, etc. Meeting deadlines is critical. The application form can be downloaded from this site.

The important parts include:

  1. A detailed description of the project; single spaced and limited to one page
  2. A description of the community service component
  3. Signatures of approval
  4. Arrangement with your English teacher

The Senior Project Committee will inform students of the acceptance or denial of their application two weeks after the interview process. Please note: a donation is NOT considered a community service.

Necessary steps for the Senior Project application:

  1. Print out an application form from this site. Read both this sheet and the application form completely before proceeding.
  2. Complete the form, securing the necessary signatures:
    1. student signature
    2. parent/guardian signature
    3. guidance counselor
    4. assistant principal
    5. faculty project advisor
    6. site project advisor (this cannot be a parent or family member)
    7. elementary or middle school principal, if necessary
  3. Hand in a completed application form to the Main Office by the appointed date.If you are working with a partner, each person must submit his/her own application. Students without a personal application will not be interviewed for the project.

NOTE: Projects will be limited to individual or groups of two.

  1. Present proposal to the Senior Project Committee.
  • Students will be assigned a specific posted date/time to meet with the Senior Project Committee.
  • Each student will present his/her project and explain their community service component.
  • Students should come prepared to answer questions about their day-to-day activities
  • Students will come prepared to discuss how their final work might be presented at the Senior Project Presentation Evening.
  1. a) All proposals should be edited with your faculty advisor before submission. b) The committee will not ask students to re-submit a proposal for changes or if deemed incomplete.
  1. The application process includes writing a detailed, single spaced, one page proposal of the project, including a separate paragraph describing the community service component. Include how the project, talents and new knowledge will be able to benefit and/or be shared with others. Some projects will naturally fulfill this requirement; for example, interning at Rosie’s Place or Newton-Wellesley Hospital, assisting at a pre-school or with an elementary school teacher.  Collecting money, donating proceeds, organizing a fundraiser, etc., is a generous contribution to a project, but will NOT be accepted as a community service component by itself.
  2. Please note that during Term 4 students may NOT change teachers within the same course subject to accommodate their senior project.
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