As we bring forward our technology programs in school with our 1:1 programs and teach our students how to use technology as an educational tool, it is also imperative for teachers and parents to understand the social side of using and overusing technology with social media tools. Dr Englander presented to parents on December 15, 2016 at the Wellesley Middle School auditorium. The event was funded by the Wellesley Middle School PTO. Her presentation gave parents concrete tips and new perspectives about how to address and educate their children about using social media and how to maximize their social success in school and online. Below is the handout for her presentation to parents in Wellesley.

Handout PDF from Dr Englander’s Presentation at WMS on 12/15/16  

Dr. Elizabeth Englander graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and completed her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of Southern California.  After being awarded a National Institute of Mental Health Research Service Award to study at the University of New Hampshire, she started teaching in the State University system in Massachusetts and is now a professor of Psychology.

She was awarded a Presidential Fellowship to found and direct the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center, which delivers free anti-violence and anti-bullying programs, resources, and research to K-12 Education. Dr. Englander’s research and publications are nationally recognized and she was named Most Valuable Educator of 2013 by the Boston Red Sox because of her work in technological aggression and how it interacts with peer abusiveness in general.