6th Grade

This is an introductory course that provides the opportunity for students to study and apply concepts in three major areas: Nutrition and Health, Consumer Education, and Community Service Learning.

The nutrition unit explores health and wellness issues, with emphasis placed on the major nutrients and their effect on the adolescent body, nutritious snack choices and preparation, food safety, package labeling, and wise shopping decisions.

The Community Service Learning unit, explores clothing care techniques and the structure of children’s literature. Students will learn common clothing repair skills and construct a felt “cheer pal” animal. After studying the Children’s Literature Unit, students will write an original short story for children. Students will have the opportunity to visit an area community service agency such as Newton Wellesley Hospital to participate in a reading presentation and donate the completed “Cheer Pal” packets.

7th Grade

Fitness & Health is a seventh grade course that allows students to develop healthy decision making skills through participation in a variety of health and activity modules.

Students will accomplish this by:

-Practicing strategies for healthy decision making.

-Discussing consequences of decision making (positive and negative).

-Analyzing correct, up to date information

-Relating decision making to team building and life long fitness.

Health modules stress making responsible, healthy decisions. Health modules include:

  • Substance Abuse and Resistance
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Self-Esteem
  • Growing Human Relationships

The Growing Human Relationships unit provides students with information they need to understand the changes in their bodies and feelings. The class is designed to encourage discussion about such topics as friendship, dating, love, and sexual development. Students will study the influences on their day-to-day decisions, such as family and personal values, friends and the media. They will practice making informed decisions using the IDEAL decision-making process.

The goals of the unit are to help students:

  • Acquire accurate health information.
  • Develop lifelong health practices.
  • Understand and act wisely on matters of health and safety.
  • Practice applying problem solving decision-making strategies to real life.
  • Choose abstinence as the most viable lifestyle for adolescents.

8th Grade

The following courses expand the learning experiences introduced in the sixth and seventh grade classes.

Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking

Students will engage in a variety of activities designed to explore the dynamics of conflict and violence, as well as learn to develop and recognize positive response strategies. Working from a personal perspective, students will discover how the presence or absence of these conditions affect not only their relationships with others, but also their environment. Students will develop a “conflict toolbox” of practical communication, problem solving, and peacemaking strategies.

Great Beginnings For Meal

In this class you will learn that foods should not only look and taste appealing, but also meet your body’s nutritional needs. You will prepare various foods such as appetizers, salads, bread, main dishes, pies, and desserts. At the conclusion of the class you will have a chance to prepare a complete nutritious meal.

Exploring World Foods

In this course students will learn to master food preparation techniques and learn to appreciate the common aspects of food around the world. In addition, students will also learn to appreciate the uniqueness of taste from these countries. Students will also understand the role that foods play in teh development of culture.

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