The letter grade that a student earns in Physical Education class is calculated from two different criteria areas: Physical Activity and assessments. Each criteria area is assigned a percentage value and the over all grade is calculated from these values. The two criteria areas are defined below.

(75%) Physical Activity: Exhibiting a willingness to be physically active during the whole class time, based upon teacher observation. This includes:

  • Fully participating during the warm-up period
  • Fully participating during the lesson focus portion of class
  • Fully participating, contributing and engaging during the lesson closure.

(25%) Assessments: The students will be assessed throughout the term. The assessments will reflect the student’s knowledge and/or physical skills that they have learned during the unit, term or year. Assessments may include:

  • Written quizzes or Tests
  • Poster Presentations
  • Physical Demonstrations of Skills
  • Projects

* Note – 7th grade students will have their grade averaged from Physical Education and Health to determine a final grade each term.

Effort Grade

Students will receive an effort grade of a 1,2,3 or 4 based upon the effort a student has put forth in class.

1= Extended Effort

2= Consistent Effort

3= More Consistent Effort Needed

4= Insufficient Effort – After School Sessions Required

If a student is excessively unprepared for class and/or does not put forth his or her best effort the effort grade shall be affected accordingly.

Preparedness: Being physically prepared to engage in class. This includes:

  • Having the proper clothing (sneakers, loose clothing suitable for physical activity)
  • Wearing the proper clothing to class
  • Not wearing any jewerly or watches to class
  • Having any written assignments or projects

**If a student is frequently unprepared throughout the term his/her letter grade will be affected.

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