Welcome to Wellesley Public Schools!

We welcomed 40 new educators to the district during our New Professional Staff Orientation. In an effort to live into our Core Value of Cooperative and Caring Relationships, our new colleagues shared one characteristic or experience that makes them Unique.

Athletic Accolades

  • Zach is running the Boston Marathon this year
  • Hannah is a certified spin instructor
  • Kaitlyn has completed 7 triathlons
  • Kendall played college rugby
  • Nick coached wrestling
  • Kate loves skiing at Sugarloaf every year with friends
  • Lindsay is a club lacrosse coach

Travel Tales

  • Robyn served three years in the Peace Corps in Guatemala
  • Christen student taught in Australia
  • Coley has lived in 7 states
  • Christina and her husband have sugar cane farms in Kenya
  • Sarah started her career in outdoor ed in Houston, TX
  • Liz was once chased by a baboon

Special Skills

  • Sharon can speak Cantonese
  • Tara enjoys striped bass fishing (but she doesn’t like to touch the fish)
  • Crystal plays on a pool league
  • Alana is a professional classical cellist
  • Cora is a mushroom forager
  • Joe is a Monty Python authority
  • Erin is an EMT
  • Becca prefers to eat plant-based (aside from dessert!)
  • Emma once held a job training monkeys

Family Facts

  • Kiley weighed 1 lb. when she was born
  • Chelsea has 16 brothers & sisters
  • Rachel is getting married in June
  • Allison grew up on the Jersey Shore
  • Chase was born on his dad’s birthday
  • Devon is a triplet
  • Brianna is 14 years older than her brother
  • Jackie has a pet chinchilla
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