Lane Change/Course Approval Process

The WTA bargaining unit contract, Article 13, Section 4 (p. 22), reads: “All teachers have until June 30, to submit transcripts for all approved courses commencing prior to July 1”.

Step 1 – Fill out the Lane Change Intention Google Form by November 1

All courses taken, either in-district or for graduate credit, must be submitted to Diane Zinck on a course approval form (CAF) by June 30 in order for the courses to be considered for a future lane change. If administration does not receive, by June 30, the proper documentation (course approval form, description, proof of completion) for any courses taken prior to July 1, those courses cannot be considered toward a lane change.

Course approval forms must be submitted 30 days in advance of the course start date in order for the course to be considered. In addition, tracking sheets will be maintained by the individual working towards a lane change. The course approval form, frequently asked questions page, and tracking sheet are attached below. If your are currently working with Diane Zinck on a lane change, please reach out to her for a copy of your tracking sheet.

FAQ – Course Approval for Lane Changes

  • A letter of intent to change lanes must be submitted annually by the November 1st deadline for the following school year. The list does not carry over from year to year. The letter should include present lane, intended lane and year in which you plan to make the change (i.e. the intent to change lanes letter due on 11/1/19 is for a lane change in school year 2020-21).
  • Minimum* Inservice Credit Requirements
    M+30: 9 Inservice Credits minimum* M+60: 3 Inservice Credits minimum**
    *You may use all inservice credits to achieve a lane change
    **If you did not achieve your M+30 in Wellesley, there is a 9 inservice credit minimum for M+60
  • Inservice Credits are not transferable between school districts. WellesleyPD offers a number of courses for inservice credit. Completion certificates only must be submitted for inservice courses (no course approval form needed).
  • A Course Approval Form (CAF) must be completed and submitted at least 30 days in advance of the expected start of the course for each graduate level course you wish to apply towards your lane change. Course approvals are active from the date of approval through June 30th of the following school year (i.e. approved 11/1/19 for a course to start 12/1/19 would be active through 6/30/21). Send the completed form, along w/course description and # of credits to Diane Zinck she will send you the signed CAF electronically.
  • A teacher has until June 30th of the following school year from the course completion date to submit the transcripts. (i.e. course ended 3/31/19 the transcript must be submitted by 6/30/20) E-transcripts are accepted for graduate credit courses, however school logo and student information must be imbedded in the document.
  • You are expected to track your credits on the tracking sheet. You will need to download the attached tracking sheet in order to use it. When you near your goal, make an appointment with Diane Zinck to ‘check in’ that you are on track.
  • Effective Date of the lane change is at the beginning of the school year, provided that all of the documentation is turned in by November 1st of that school year. Coursework must be completed before the start of the school year in which you wish to apply the work towards a lane change. A teacher’s salary increase will be retroactive back to the beginning of the school year, if they completed the coursework before the start of the school year and turned in documents by November 1st.
  • Keep good records of your materials (confirm receipt of your letter of intent; approved CAFs, copies of transcripts and completion certificates).

Who to contact?

  • Chelsea Bailow All WellesleyPD questions, including course info and login issues, and any professional development needs
  • Diane Zinck To submit Course Approval Forms and check in on lane change progress
  • Val Spruill Professional licensure/PDP questions
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