The Wellesley Educators Association Agreement for Unit A, under Article 13, describes the process whereby professional staff may advance to higher-paying salary lanes. Educators may make a salary lane change by completing a stand-alone degree program or earning credits piecemeal.

Letter of Intent

The Lane Change Intention Form must be submitted by November 1st to indicate an intent to change lanes at the start of the following school year. You will receive a notification confirming the submission of your form. Please keep this for your records. The list does not carry over from year to year, so you must submit a new intention form each year until you successfully change lanes.

Inservice Credits

To achieve an M+30 lane change, a minimum of nine inservice credits are required. A minimum of three inservice credits are required to achieve an M+60 if the +30 was completed in Wellesley, or a nine inservice credit minimum is required if the +30 was not achieved in Wellesley. These are minimum requirements. You may use all inservice credits to achieve a lane change; however, they are not transferable to another district. Courses that are offered for inservice credit are considered pre-approved and are listed on your Transcript in Professional Learning.

Course Pre-Approval

Courses taken for graduate credit require pre-approval at least 30 days before the expected start of the course. Submit a Lane Change Course Approval Form in Professional Learning under the “My Credit Requests” tab for each course you seek pre-approval. Course approvals are active from the approval date through June 30th of the following school year.

Course Completion

After you have completed a course, you have until June 30th of the following school year to submit proof of completion. Locate the pre-approved Lane Change Course Approval Form in Professional Learning under the “My Credit Requests” tab and upload proof of completion. Once approved, the course will be added to your Transcript.

Tracking Sheet

Please maintain documentation of all credits that will apply toward your lane change, even courses listed on your Transcript. A Lane Change Tracking Sheet template is available; please make a copy to edit.

Requesting Final Review

When your records indicate you have achieved a lane change, please contact the Director of Professional Development to request a final review of your documentation. Coursework must be completed before the start of the school year in which you wish to apply the work towards a lane change. An educator’s salary increase will be effective at the beginning of the school year, provided all documentation is submitted by November 1st.

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