Course Approval Forms

Complete a Course Approval Form for each course you plan to apply toward your lane change. Submit your course approval form to Central Office before you enroll in the course. A copy of the signed form will be returned to you for your records.

Notification of Intent to Change Lanes

Written notification of your intent to change lanes during the following school year must be submitted to Central Office prior to November 1st. A new salary lane change list is developed annually; the list does not carry over from year to year. Submit a new letter annually until your goal is achieved.

Record Keeping

Upon successful completion of each pre-approved course, please submit your transcript, grade report and/or certificate of completion to Central Office. It will be matched with the corresponding course approval form. As you continue to accumulate credits, the Superintendent’s Administrative Assistant will track your progress. You are welcome at any time to cross-check records. Please note: official transcripts are required in order to meet the submittal requirements. E-copies are acceptable only if the school name and logo are embedded in the document.

Achieving a Lane Change

You are responsible for reconfirming with Central Office that you have completed the final credits needed to achieve your lane change. When you have accumulated 30 credits with complete documentation (signed course approval forms, transcripts, completion certificates), the Human Resources Director will make a final review of your tracking sheet, and your move into the new salary lane will be submitted to the School Committee for final approval. You will then receive notification that your paperwork is in order, you have been approved for a lane change, and the effective date of your lane change.

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