Dr. Charmie Curry

Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Phone: 781-446-6210 ;5827 Website: Wellesley Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Website
Photo of Dr. Charmie Curry

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The METCO staff is first and foremost dedicated to educating all students. It is our deep belief in integration, an appreciation for and understanding of diversity and a sincere love for students that calls us to do this work.  Knowing that education takes place in and outside of the classrooms, we are dedicated to helping all students achieve.

The theme of this year’s book is “Confirming My Destiny For Greatness”.  We believe that students must first imagine success with their minds eye, and then state it as a belief before they can go about the business of achieving it. All middle and high school students were interviewed and asked specifically if they were destined for greatness.

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