If students are having issues logging in from home to access the internet, please execute the steps below on the iPad.

Go to Settings –> Safari –> Clear History and Website Data. After selecting Clear History and Website Data it will ask you select Clear again to confirm it. After, close all applications and click on the green WPS Login app and log in with your school account.

The following video is an alternative solution to use Chrome to log in. Video

The 1:1 program enables educators to focus on all students every day while delivering student-centered, individualized instruction in a safe collaborative learning environment that encourages students to demonstrate understanding in multiple ways.

Students learn how to use technology fluently, productively, and responsibly as a tool to problem-solve, communicate, create, innovate, and make global connections through authentic learning experiences.

We envision a 1:1 learning environment that..

  • Creates a culture where technology is used productively, responsibly, ethically, and appropriately.
  • Increases access to technology, facilitates formative assessment, supports general instruction, and enables new modes of differentiation, without stigma.
  • Prepares students to be innovators by shifting their perception of technology from toy to tool.
  • Promotes equity by addressing the “digital gap” between students without technology access at home and their peers.
  • Invests in our human capital by providing faculty with new tools and professional development to grow and develop their instructional capacity.
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