Will my student need any additional cables for new computers that come with USB-C ports?

There will be a need in some Science labs to connect probes to a standard USB port. In this case, a USB-C to USB adapter will be required. This link will take you to a Google search to share examples.

Can my student bring in a Chromebook?

Yes. Some courses require software to be downloaded and installed. Chromebooks are built to access browser-based applications and do not support locally installed applications. Also, some flash based content may not work on a Chromebook.

However, we understand the device of choice might be a Chromebook for several reasons. If a student’s device doesn’t support tools used in a course, there will be loaner laptops to borrow for the class.

What does it mean when it says “they must have administrative access”?

Students must have the ability to install software and make adjustments to settings on the laptop. Some families might have their laptops setup with separate user accounts and restrict abilities for individual household members. An administrative account wouldn’t have these restrictions.

Will you be placing restrictions on the laptops?

No restrictions will be placed on the laptops. Internet content will still be filtered while the laptop is connected to the WPS network at the Wellesley High School.

If my student has an older laptop that they use that does not meet the minimum recommended specs but works, can he bring it?

Yes. It is recommended to get a new battery so students are not tethered to the wall in the classroom. Also, students should bring in a battery charger every day too.

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