What instruments can join an ensemble?

Band instruments include:

  • Woodwinds: Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, Bassoon
  • Brass: Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba
  • Percussion

Orchestra instruments include:

  • Strings: Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass

Chorus is a part of the 5th grade music curriculum.

In middle and high school, voice, Piano and Guitar students are encouraged to join chorus or drama/acting class. Piano and guitar students are also encouraged to audition for jazz band.

When to join Band or Orchestra

Please have a conversation with your private lesson teacher about when to join an ensemble. Our IVEP teachers who work with your students know them best; your teacher can advise you when your student is ready, and can benefit the most from joining band or orchestra.

Students are encouraged to join orchestra when they can meet these proficiencies:

  • can identify and play the correct notes
  • familiar with the following notes and rests: whole, half, quarter, and eighth
  • understand articulation
  • have a consistent practice regimen


Please be able to play the following scales:
Violin: A and D – 1 octave
Viola, Cello: D and G – 1 octave
Bass: D and G – 1 octave (it is especially important for bass students to consult Ms. Lamb before joining)

Rehearsal Schedule

Band and Orchestra take place in the Music Room on the following days, and begin on the date listed.

Rehearsal begins at 8am. Please arrive by 7:50 to unpack and setup.


  • Bates: Tuesday, September 26 w/ Mr. Adams
  • Fiske: Friday, September 22 w/ Ms. Verret
  • Hardy: Friday, September 22 w/ Mr. Corcoran
  • Hunnewell: Wednesday, September 27 w/ Ms. Dexter
  • Schofield: Tuesday, September, 26 w/ Ms. Verret
  • Sprague: Wednesday, September 27 @ Hunnewell w/ Ms. Dexter
  • Upham: Tuesday, September 26 @ Bates w/ Mr. Adams


  • Bates: Monday, September 25
  • Fiske: Tuesday, September 26
  • Hardy: Wednesday, September 27
  • Hunnewell: Thursday, September 28
  • Schofield: Friday, September 29
  • Sprague: Thursday, September 28 @ Hunnewell
  • Upham: Monday, September 25 @ Bates


At the end of every semester, each school dedicates an assembly block for the instrumental ensembles and chorus to perform. Concerts will be announced at the beginning of each year by ensemble directors and K-5 music teachers.

  • Bates (w/ Upham): Wednesday, January 10; Wednesday, May 23
  • Fiske: Wednesday, December 20; Wednesday, June 13
  • Hardy: Friday, December 22; Friday, June 8
  • Hunnewell (w/ Sprague): Wednesday, December 13; Wednesday, May 16
  • Schofield: Wednesday, December 6; Wednesday, May 30
  • Sprague (w/ Hunnewell): Friday, January 12; TBA
  • Upham (w/ Bates): Friday, December 15; Friday, May 25

All-Town Ensembles

All-Town Band and All-Town Orchestra combine players from the seven elementary schools into large and exciting groups that rehearse several times in the spring and present a concert combined with the middle school. Middle school ensemble directors lead a portion of rehearsals. Rehearsal and Concert dates will be announced during the fall semester by the elementary ensemble directors.

Ensemble Directors