IVEP Program update
Dear IVEP Families,
I hope all of your are doing well during these difficult and unprecedented times.   

I wanted to reach out to all of you regarding the IVEP Lesson Program with some quick updates and next steps for the program. We have worked in conjunction with the school administration and our IVEP teachers to find ways to continue our lesson program during this closure. 
You should have already received a communication from your IVEP teacher outlining their plans, but I also wanted to let you know what options will be available to teachers, families and students for the next two weeks. 
1.  Teachers will have an option, but are not required, to do online lessons. 
Many teachers are using this option and have set up the technology with each family.  If there is a remote lesson, it will be counted toward the number of lessons taken during the Spring Semester.
2.  If a teacher is not teaching remotely, there will be a few options which are:
a.  Once we return to school, they will do make-up lessons for the lessons that were missed.
b.  Once we return to school they can add time on to existing lessons to make up the time lost during the closure. For instance, schedule a lesson for 45 minute instead of 30 minutes to start making up the time of the missed lesson.
c.  In the event that they cannot make up the lessons missed, the district will provide a refund for any lessons that were missed at the end of the year.
d. If a student would like to continue lessons with an alternate teacher, we help facilitate that. Students would be expected to return to their original teacher after the closure.
We also continue to monitor the situation closely and although this is our plan for now, as this is a rapidly changing situation we may need to revise our plans moving forward.
I’ll keep you updated with any changes but in the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Russell Wilson or myself at any time.
I hope you and your family are well and thank you for your continued support of our programs.
Michael LaCava

Michael M. LaCava
K-12 Director of Performing Arts
Wellesley Public Schools

About the Instrumental and Vocal Extension Program (IVEP)

As part of the K-12 Wellesley Public Schools Music Education curriculum, the Wellesley Public School District offers students the opportunity to take private voice and instrumental music lessons. Lessons are taught after school by highly qualified professional musicians, who have demonstrated excellence in their performing and teaching.

The mission of the Instrumental and Vocal Extension Program of the Wellesley Public Schools is three-fold:

  •  To help students develop a life-long love of music and joyful confidence in music-making through high-quality instruction on band and orchestra instruments and voice
  • To teach a body of core musical performance skills and techniques to a mastery level, through quality vocal and instrumental repertoire
  • To prepare all students for entry into and successful participation in school ensembles, and to support continued participation in these ensembles from elementary through high school.

Lessons are scheduled after-school, Monday through Friday. Schedules are arranged with the teachers in person, by phone, or by email. Scheduling will depend on the availability of each teacher at a mutually agreed upon time. Please see the Teacher Directory for contact information.


If you have any questions regarding IVEP lessons or teachers please contact the Performing Arts Office: MusicLessons@wellesleyps.org or (781) 446-6210 ;5722.
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