Wellesley Public Schools uses the WebTrac SchoolPay Online Payment System to collect fees for activities, athletics, music lessons, and transportation, as well as to sell tickets for performances. This is the same online payment and registration system used by Wellesley Recreation, so many families already have an account before their children start school.


If you need to create an account for the first time:

  • If you do NOT already have a WebTrac account, click here to go to WebTrac and then in the Login box click the “Create Account” link:
  • Fill out the requested Household Information including adding additional family member(s) and click “Submit” at the bottom
    • The Household Primary Person MUST be a Parent/Guardian
    • Enter your Student(s) under Additional Family Members
  • Enter details for any family members who will register for activities. Once you have added all of the family members, click “Submit.”
  • An alert of a new account will be sent to Wellesley Public Schools informing us of the account creation. Your username will be sent to you via email once your account has been approved. This may take up to 24-48 business hours.

If you forgot your password:

  • Click here to go to WebTrac and in the Login box click “Forgot Password?”.
  • Enter your email and fill out the Captcha and click “Submit.”
  • If your email is on file with WebTrac you will get a green “Message Sent” notification asking you to check your email for password reset instructions.
  • If your email is NOT on file with WebTrac you will get a red “Message Error” notification. You can try again using another email address you own. Or you can click the “Contact Us” link in the top menu bar. Fill out the contact form and a WPS Staff member will get back to you or you may call 781-446-6210 or email schools@wellesleyma.gov during business hours.

Grade Conflict or Incorrect Grade Level Listed:

  • Click here to go to WebTrac
  • If your student’s grade level is listed incorrectly or if you get a yellow alert about a grade conflict, click OK.
  • It will bring you back to a page where it lists all the activities. Click on the “My Account” tab at the top of the page and under the “update” column click on Household & Member, then input the correct grade and scroll down to click “Save.”
  • If the the “Save” button does not work there could be additional required information that is missing.

If you need additional help:

  • Email schools@wellesleyma.gov or you may call 781-446-6210 during business hours.
  • From within WebTrac you may also click the “Contact Us” link in the top menu bar. Fill out the contact form and a WPS Staff member will get back to you.

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