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WPS Transportation Policy

General Policy

Unless a student is eligible for transportation provided by the Wellesley Public Schools, the transportation of a student to and from the student’s school program is the responsibility of the parents of the student, or, if the student is over 18, of the student.

The Wellesley Public Schools shall provide the following transportation:

  1. transportation to the regular day school programs maintained by the Wellesley Public Schools;
  2. transportation to the regular day school programs maintained by other schools within the community;
  3. transportation to special needs programs as specified in the student’s Individual Education Plan; and
  4. transportation to vocational programs when the student’s enrollment has been approved by the School Committee.

Safety Procedures

During breakdown of a bus, children should not leave the bus and proceed on foot unless the driver feels it is safe to do so.

Seat Belts

The Wellesley School Committee has had seat belts installed on Town-leased school buses in regular service by the Town’s school bus contractor for those students who choose to use seat belts. A student’s use of seat belts is neither guaranteed nor compulsory. Seat belt use is encouraged.

Busing Eligibility

Regular Day Programs in Wellesley Public Schools
For Wellesley residents, transportation shall be provided for students in Grades K-6 to and from the regular day programs of the Wellesley Public Schools. Such student shall live more than 2 miles from the school serving his/her home. Transportation shall not be provided to the elementary students attending a school as open enrolled.

Wellesley Public Schools shall provide for appropriate pickup and discharge points. No other stops shall be permitted.

Busing Eligibility

Regular Day Programs in Other Schools in Wellesley
Wellesley residents who, in the fulfillment of the compulsory attendance requirements attend private school for elementary or high school grades, shall be entitled to the same rights and privileges of transportation to and from school as are provided by law for pupils of public schools and shall not be denied such transportation because of their attendance in a school conducted under religious auspices or that includes religious instruction in its curriculum.

Busing Eligibility

Special Education
Transportation shall be provided for special needs students regardless of the distance between their homes and the location of their program will be in Wellesley, whenever possible, or in a state approved program in the community closest to Wellesley as specified in their Individual Education Plan. In the event the parent/guardian elects to send the child to a school other than that designated in the student’s IEP the parent/guardian will be required to pay the cost of transportation. To the extent possible transportation shall be shared with other students from the Town or from other cities or towns.

Busing Eligibility

Vocational Programs
Transportation shall be provided to and from vocational programs for students enrolled in those programs as required by state law.

Suspension of Transportation Privilege

Transportation provided by the Wellesley Public Schools is a privilege which can be lost.

When, as a result of a student’s failure to conduct him/herself in a manner consistent with commonly accepted public behavior, it becomes necessary to revoke transportation privileges, the following procedure for such suspension shall apply.

Poor behavior or unsafe conduct of a student while boarding, leaving or in transit, shall be reported on a Wellesley Public School “Bus Conduct” Report Form. Forms should be submitted to the Principal of the receiving school or his/her designee.

The receiving school Principal shall meet with the student and may require the parents of the student to be present. The Principal of the receiving school may suspend the student’s transportation privilege.

If a student has repeated instances where suspension by the receiving Principal has resulted in no improvement of behavior, the Principal may recommend to the Superintendent or his/her designee that a hearing be scheduled to consider more lengthy suspension of the privilege. The Superintendent or his/her designee will, upon receiving this request, schedule a hearing with the student, the parents/guardians and the receiving School Principal. The Superintendent may, at his/her discretion, permit the student to continue on the transportation service pending the outcome of the hearing.

Voted: June 12, 1989
Updated: January 7, 2004

Policy EEA – Student Transportation Services
Policy EEAA – Busing Eligibility 
Policy EEAE – School Bus Safety Program

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