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Working Group Updates March 2018

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Here you will find the Supervision and Evaluation Overview Document along with a brief Powerpoint containing essential elements ( or, what I need to get started).

Basic Elements of the Wellesley Supervision and Evaluation System

Wellesley Supervision and Evaluation System


Appendix – A Wellesley Hybrid Teacher Rubric
Appendix – B DESE Model Rubric for Instructional Support Personnel
Appendix – C DESE Model Rubric for Administrators
Appendix – Form D Educator Self-Assessment Form
Appendix – Form E Educator Plan and Goal Setting Form
Appendix – Form F Post Observation Documentation Form
Appendix – Form G Mid-cycle Report
Appendix – H Data Sources
Appendix – Form I Summative Evaluation Report
Appendix – J Nurse Rubric
Appendix – K Professional Development Plan for the Wellesley Supervision and Evaluation System
Appendix – L Evaluation Cycle Timeline

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For Performance Evaluation forms for Non-Professional Staff, please see the Human Resources Department page.