Dear PAWS Families, Since joining the PAWS community in July, I’ve received a warm welcome from faculty, staff and families. I am pleased to have met many wonderful, special people in the P.A.W.S. community. If we have not had the opportunity to meet, I welcome you to stop by to say hello! Please introduce yourself this week during parent/teacher conferences or another time when you are at P.A.W.S. Reminder: Tomorrow, November 4, 2014 is an Early Release Day.  All P.A.W.S. students will go home at 11:40 AM and there are no PM preschool classes tomorrow.  By now, you have scheduled your parent/teacher conference. At the parent/teacher conference you will hear about the progress your child is making. You will have an opportunity to engage in a personal conversation with your child’s classroom teacher about your child’s growth and development.  As the parent of a preschool student you are the strongest influence in your child’s life.  At P.A.W.S. we partner with you to secure a solid foundation on which to build academic, social emotional and physical growth and achievement during the years ahead. Effective parent/teacher communication is one key to that success. Applications for returning students were mailed out on Friday, October 31, 2014.  Please complete your form and return to the PAWS front office to indicate your interest and preference for next year. The students at P.A.W.S. are growing and learning each day!  I marvel at the new skills they master.  For some students, learning to navigate the structures on the playground is a triumph, for others learning to take turns with friends and share toys is a tremendous accomplishment. I’ve noticed some are learning their letters and sounds and others are starting to read!  We celebrate each area of achievement while encouraging our students to grow. Thank you for partnering with us during this important time in your child’s development! I am looking forward to seeing you at PAWS this month. Please stop by to say hello during your visit.   Sincerely, Rebecca Zieminski               Director of Early Childhood PAWS REMINDERS: P.A.W.S. Parent Communication: At P.A.W.S. we value communication with parents!  We encourage you to email your child’s classroom teacher or therapist with any questions, comments or concerns that arise.  The students are our number one priority. We ask that you thoughtfully plan your communication with staff and refrain from catching the staff in the hallway, at the classroom door or while the staff are otherwise trying to focus on the needs of the children.  We want to hear from you, we want to know what’s going on in your child’s life, but please understand that when the children are present, our focus is on them.  Arrival and dismissal may not be the best time to gain our undivided attention.  Please feel free to email the staff at any time.  Staff can make appointments to meet with you or to contact you when the students are not present.  Please reach out to the Director of P.A.W.S. with any questions. P.A.W.S. Parking Lot: SLOW DOWN: It has been brought to my attention that some of the cars coming in and out of the P.A.W.S. parking lot are often traveling at fast rates of speed.  To ensure the safety of all, please drive slowly while in the P.A.W.S. parking lot. There are many small children and adults in our parking lot throughout the day.  Please refrain from speeding. PARK INSIDE THE WHITE LINES: We ask that you please park your car within the white lines of the parking spaces.  Families push strollers and walk in the space near the fence when coming in and out of the parking lot.  Please be sure your car is parked within the white lines to be sure there is ample space to walk between the cars and the fence. Also, please observe the white lines in the center parking lot space and leave room in the cross walk area of the parking lot for pedestrians. Please park in the marked parking spaces.  Please do not park in the yellow spaces.                                                           SCHOOL WALKWAY AND RAMP: Please remind your children to walk on the cement walkway and ramp into and out of the preschool.  It appears that the P.A.W.S. walkway ramp is a popular place for children (especially siblings) to run, and the railings seem to be just the right size to swing on, hang on, and climb.  The cement walkway is not a forgiving surface.  Please watch your children at all times while they are on the stairs and ramp of the school and remind them to use walking feet and to keep their feet on the ground (not climbing the railings) when visiting the school. FOOD CONTAINERS: Please send food to school in non-breakable containers.  Glass containers are not a safe option for preschoolers. PEANUT FREE SCHOOL: Due to life threatening allergies, please be sure all food sent in to P.A.W.S. is peanut-free. COLD WEATHER CLOTHING: With the changing season, please be sure your child comes to school dressed for the weather and please remember to label all items with your child’s name.    Thank you for helping to keep PAWS a friendly, safe, and caring community!

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PAWS November Newsletter
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