Dear PAWS Families,   Happy Summer!  I hope you are all enjoying the start of summer!   We have been busy getting PAWS ready for the first group of summer students who arrive tomorrow, July 1, 2015 at 9:00 AM.   To PAWS families with students attending the PAWS Summer Programs, please read the important email below regarding drop-off and pick-up at PAWS this summer.   As you drive to PAWS tomorrow, you will notice several changes at the Fiske School! The summer renovation project is up and running and you will notice trailers, BIG trucks and tractors, and lots of fencing.  There are so many interesting things to notice, observe and discuss with your child as you drive to school.  You will especially notice that a portion of the PAWS parking lot is being shared.   Please enter and exit the PAWS parking lot slowly and carefully.  There is a narrow opening into the PAWS parking lot, but two cars can safely pass in this area.   For our families who walk to PAWS, please walk with great care. Drivers, please watch for pedestrians in this area.   We will have the parking lot marked with cones tomorrow and will have PAWS staff directing traffic in order to facilitate a smooth arrival and drop-off process. I anticipate that parking will be limited for parents.  With that in mind, we will be directing parents to follow a flow of traffic, to create a car line and PAWS staff will help assist your child into the building from your car.   CAR LINE: Please put your car in park in the car line, unbuckle your child from the car seat and help him/her out of the car.  A PAWS staff member will happily meet your child at the car and bring your child into school.   Some students attending the summer program are coming to PAWS for the first time. If you feel your child will transition best with you walking your child into the building, please let the staff know you would like to bring your child into school and we will do our best to find you to a safe place to leave your car so you may walk your child into school.   To ensure the safety of all children, parents and staff, please stay in line in the car line.  Please refrain from driving around the other cars or against the flow of traffic. We look forward to a smooth and successful drop-off and pick-up routine.  Thank you in advance your help.   If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at PAWS.  We are looking forward to several weeks of fun, friends, and learning at PAWS this summer!   Sincerely, ‘Becca Z.

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PAWS Summer Parking Lot Update
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