WPS Telephone Reference


  • Lift handset or press SPEAKER, start dialing. You can also start dialing without lifting the handset and the speakerphone will activate when the first digit is pressed.
  • Calls to and from your phone will use buttons labeled “a”, “b” or “c”.
  • To dial an outside number, use 8 1 xxx xxx xxxx. Do Not Dial “9”.


Phone calls will ring and flash the green LED at buttons labeled “a”, “b” or “c”. The red LED indicates the call you will answer. Pick up handset or press SPEAKER to answer call. If you have a headset, press button next to green flashing LED or press the HEADSET button to answer call.


While on a call, pressing the “Hold” softkey will put the call on hold exclusively at your desk, no one else can pick up that call. If you pick up a second call, the first call is automatically placed on Hold


While on a call, press a button labeled PARK, the caller will go on hold and the LED next to PARK will flash. All phones with same PARK numbers will flash, and any user can pick up that call waiting.


By pressing the contact button, you will see all of the people in the district except for the High School staff. If you are trying to call someone in the High School, you will need to press 8 1 781-­446-­6290.

In order to find someone in the contact list, you must search by their FIRST NAME. You can search by dialing the numbers corresponding to the letters on the phone. For example, if one wanted to search for a person by the name of Bill, press 2=B 4=I 5=L 5=L.


  • Someone calls and you want to transfer to voicemail you just have to press # and the extension of the person you want to send the voicemail.
  • You can also call directly to the voicemail of someone in your building by dialing # and their extension.
  • Just a reminder: if during school hours you would like to call a classroom in another school, you will need to call the secretary otherwise you will just get the teacher’s voicemail box. Please be mindful when calling classrooms within your school because you may be interrupting the teacher’s lesson. When possible, dial # and their extension to dial directly to their Voicemail.


  1. From your phone, press Message button or press *17.
  2. When prompted, enter the extension of your phone, which is located on the top center next to the time, then press #.
  3. When prompted for a password, enter 2 5 8 0 # (default password if VM is not set up).
  4. When prompted to enter a new password, enter your desired password using the numeric keypad, then press #.
  5. When prompted to re-­‐enter the password, enter it again, using the numeric keypad, then press #.

    Note: A password cannot be the mailbox extension number and may not consist of consecutive (i.e. “1234”) or repeated (i.e. “5555”) numbers.

  6. Listen to the Avaya Attendant explain name recording before continuing. Once the message has finished, press 1 to record the mailbox name (your name, for example). This is not a prompt to record a full voicemail greeting, just your name.

    IMPORTANT! If your company will utilize a dial-­‐by-­‐name directory, it is important to complete this step, otherwise your extension will NOT be located.

  7. When done recording, press If you are satisfied with the recording, press #, otherwise you may follow the instructions to re-­record.

    Congratulations! Your voicemail box is now set up for use. When accessing the voicemail system in the future, you will log in with the new password you have chosen.

  8. Once the system announces your number of new messages, you may hang up, or record personal greetings by selecting “3” (personal greetings) from the main menu, then pressing “1” to create or change a You will have a choice of different personal greetings to create, depending on call types (i.e. to answer all calls).

Retrieving Voice Mail Remotely:

To get your voicemail when outside the district, call the back door number of your school. When the auto attendant comes on, press #. It will prompt you for your extension and password.

The backdoor voicemail numbers to call are:

  • Central Office 781-446-6210
  • High School 781-446-6290
  • Middle School 781-446-6250
  • Bates Elementary School 781-446-6315
  • Fiske Elementary School 781-446-6219
  • Hardy Elementary School 781-446-6225
  • Hunnewell Elementary School 781-446-6245
  • Schofield Elementary School 781-446-6230
  • Sprague Elementary School 781-263-1969
  • Upham Elementary School 781-263-1510
  • PAWS Preschool 781-446-6222

When outside the district and you would like to reach a school’s secretary/receptionist. Call the following:

  • Central Office 781-446-6200
  • High School 781-446-6290
  • Middle School 781-446-6235
  • Bates Elementary School 781-446-6260
  • Fiske Elementary School 781-446-6265
  • Hardy Elementary School 781-446-6270
  • Hunnewell Elementary School 781-446-6275
  • Schofield Elementary School 781-446-6280
  • Sprague Elementary School 781-263-1965
  • Upham Elementary School 781-446-6285
  • PAWS Preschool 781-446-6222

Calling from within the district you may call the direct 4-digit extension or call a school’s secretary/receptionist. The main office secretaries’ numbers are the following:

  • Central Office 5600
  • Middle School 3600
  • High School 781-446-6290 x0
  • Bates 2100
  • Fiske 2200
  • Hardy 2300
  • Hunnewell 2400
  • Schofield 2600
  • Sprague 2500
  • Upham 2700
  • PAWS Preschool 2800

Video Tutorial

New Phone Basics – Avaya Phone System from Kathy Dooley on Vimeo.

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