• Follow-up: iPads for Parents Night
    Thank you to all the parents who attended the presentation on Oct 10th! We enjoyed presenting information about the iPads and responding to your questions. Below we are sharing a published version of the presentation and some follow-up resources. Published Presentation Google Classroom Resources Guardians Guide to Google ClassroomGet Classroom Email SummariesAbout Guardian Email Summaries… Continue reading Our Blog
  • Google Workspace Updates
    Google Docs   Comment size increasing in Google Docs Add a page break before paragraphs in Google Docs Easily add to Google Docs with the new universal @ menu   Google Calendar         Easily chat with meeting participants from a Google Calendar event Set aside time for focus in Google Calendar Google… Continue reading Our Blog
  • Flippity.net: Random NamePicker
    Easily turn a Google Spreadsheet into a variety of online tools, such as: Flashcards Quiz Show Random NamePicker Randomizer Scavenger Hunt Board Game Manipulatives Matching Game Timeline Bingo Word Search Crossword Puzzle Word Scramble and so much more!! Please click here to see what you can create. The video below demonstrates how to use Flippity… Continue reading Our Blog
  • Improved Presenter Toolbar in Google Slides
    Google Workspace just updated the presenter toolbar in Google slides to include the controls you need while presenting with a better experience for both presenters and viewers.   When presenting, you’ll now see options for the following: selecting the previous or next slide, select any slide from the picker, the three-dot overflow menu, which will… Continue reading Our Blog
  • Version history now available for Jamboard on web
    When using Jamboard on the web, you can now: See the version history of a Jam file Create named versions of a Jam file Restore a previous version of a Jam file This is the same behavior you’re familiar with from other Google Workspace products, like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Version history makes it… Continue reading Our Blog
  • Nearpod’s latest updates:
    Nearpod has recently released some great updates. To learn more, please take a look below . . . Live Whiteboard When facilitating a live Nearpod lesson with students, teachers can launch a whiteboard at any time in the lesson and the students will be able to see what the teacher is doing in real-time. Learn more… Continue reading Our Blog
  • 💥 New Features are Coming for Google Classroom and Google Meet!!
    New features are coming for Google Classroom and Google Meet. to learn more, please click on the links below. A peek at what’s next for Google Classroom New safety and engagement features in Google Meet  
  • Seesaw Creative Tools Improvements
    Seesaw New Features: Add Voice to ANYTHING Upload Audio Lock size & shape All school-owned devices have been updated to the new version (7.6)
  • More Social Less Media
    An Initiative of the Wellesley Public Schools Department of Technology. While recognizing that technology is an integral part of our school and daily lives, this team is committed to bringing attention to the benefits of intentional “unplugging” to reconnect to the physical, social and emotional health of oneself, family, and friends.
  • FULLSCREEN Interactive Google Slides!
    Many of you have asked if there is a way to keep the interactivity in full-screen mode in Google Slides. This Chrome extension will let you do just that! Watch this quick video to learn how! Here is a link to the Fullscreen Interactive Google Slides Chrome extension.  Click Add to Chrome to install this… Continue reading Our Blog
  • Zoom and Multi-Tasking on the iPad
    Students are now able to use the multi-task function on the iPad and their cameras will remain turned on.  The camera only stays on when they are multi-tasking (i.e both apps are open at the same time).  Here is a screenshot of Zoom and Jamboard open at the same time.  Notice that all cameras are… Continue reading Our Blog
  • Create accessible PDFs with the Adobe Scan App
    Many teachers use the copy machines to create PDFs from printed material.  These copies are not very clear or accessible (i.e. text to speech readers are unable to read these pdf’s) Did you know that you have the ability to create accessible PDFs using the Adobe Scan App on your iPad?  AND you can do… Continue reading Our Blog
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