Welcome to Bates Elementary School

As one of the seven elementary schools in Wellesley, we represent a school system grounded in a neighborhood school philosophy, where small school climates and reasonable class size numbers allow for the maximum learning experience for each child. The Wellesley school system is committed to providing a strong elementary experience.

Here at Bates we have a wonderfully creative and child centered faculty, working to provide successful learning opportunities for every child. Guided by our system wide core values, we have worked to establish a school that views itself as a “Community of Learners” who share in the common experience of living and learning at Bates School. Our community is built on shared learning that is supported through cross grade “buddies”, all school celebrations, multigrade teaching, and a commitment by staff to forge collegial relationships across grade level teams.

The curriculum and instruction is guided by a system wide Core Curriculum that has established learning goals for each grade. The model of instruction at Bates works to provide for differentiated instruction – meaning that children can work at varied levels and speeds. Children work within a variety of learning styles, finding the opportunities to work independently, in small groups, and in whole group learning. Each of the classrooms reflects the style and personality of the teacher’s delivery of the core curriculum.

With the PTO as central to the school environment, the home/school connection is firmly in place at Bates. The goals of shared partnership in ensuring the success for all learners is created by regular communications home, and a strong network of parent support. As we enter into each school year together our partnership in educating each child continues. In our ongoing effort to support the needs of all families and the children we share in common, communication creates the center of our relationship. Throughout the year I encourage families to contact us whenever there is a question, request, or concern about school. As a faculty we are here to serve families and children; communication ensures that we can work toward the goals that support a common vision of Bates.

Bates represents the fine work of the Wellesley Public Schools to provide for a successful education, where ongoing learning and continued improvement in our work ensures that we grow with the changing needs of society.

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