Welcome to the Hunnewell Elementary School website!

Hunnewell is one of Wellesley’s seven elementary schools. Hunnewell is nestled behind the public library at the foot of Wellesley center.  The original building on this site was built in 1938. Two additions to the school have created a current footprint in the shape of an H, which is only one of its many charming physical features.

I am new to Hunnewell this year and am honored to serve a school community where the teachers and staff partner with the parents to promote the academic, social, and emotional success of each child. From my first visit to the school, I could tell this is a place that values the ideas and interests of all whom cross the threshold.

The values embraced by members of the Hunnewell family are represented in the acronym CARE:


As I begin my journey as the newest member of the Hunnewell community, I look forward to supporting the work that teachers and staff do both in and out of the classroom to foster confident, creative, and caring children.