Dear P.A.W.S. Families,


Happy Saturday! 


Flat Teacher Project

I have heard from some of you that the “Flat Teacher Project” has arrived at your homes and the Flat Teachers have been going on many fun adventures with their preschoolers already!  Thank you for sending your photos and videos!  We love seeing the children’s smiles and hearing about where their imaginative play takes them. Keep sharing your Flat Teacher stories!


Classroom Clean-up

This week the P.A.W.S. teachers and staff came back to the building to clean out the classrooms and gather up all of the children’s personal belongings, art projects, and extra sets of clothing.  We have a bag of items for each student and invite each family to come to  P.A.W.S. to pick up their child’s belongings on Friday, June 5, 2020. See the schedule below for the pick-up time for your class.


Student Materials and Belongings Pick-Up

In order to ensure the safety of all, we ask that you follow the attached schedule for the retrieval of your child’s belongings and materials.  If you have more than one child at P.A.W.S. we ask that you collect all belongings during the time slot of your oldest child in the family on Friday, June 5, 2020.


Directions for Materials and Belonging Pick-Up Day, JUNE 5, 2020


  1. Families will follow the  P.A.W.S. car line loop, in front of the PAWS main campus building. See image below.

  2. It would be helpful if every family had a piece of paper with your child’s name and classroom on it, displayed on the front dashboard of your car. 

  3. Example of name card to be displayed in the front window of your car:

  1. We ask all families to remain in their cars at all times.

  2. Drivers will follow the car line in the P.A.W.S. drop-off loop.

  3. When directed, we will ask you to pop open the trunk of your car, and a staff member will place the bag of your child’s materials in the trunk of your car.

  4. All staff will be wearing gloves and masks at all times.

  5. Everyone will practice safety protocols and maintain safe social distancing of 6 feet at all times.



Car Line Pick-up Time on June 5, 2020




9:15 – 9:30



















 Library Book Returns:


If you have any Library Books to return to P.A.W.S., we will have two boxes set up for you to use to return your library books on June 5th when you come to P.A.W.S. to collect your child’s belongings.  There will be a Library Book Collection Box when you pull into the parking lot and one when you exit the parking lot.  You may drop your child’s school library books into one of the Library Book Collection Boxes.


If you are not able to come to  P.A.W.S. on June 5th, or if you are not able to pick-up your child’s belongings at your assigned time, please let your child’s classroom teacher know.  We will do our best to get your child’s materials and belongings returned to you.


Thank you!
Thank you for all of your kind words of encouragement, your emails and letters sent to me and to the staff at P.A.W.S.  The teachers love and care about your children, their students so much and miss them all dearly. During this stressful and uncertain time, your positive partnership has meant more to us than ever.  Thank you for your collaboration as we continue to seek, design, produce and provide meaningful lessons and learning experiences for our preschoolers. Keep letting us know what is working for you and your children!


We look forward to seeing you (from 6 feet away) on Friday, June 5!


Be well and take care,

‘Becca Z.




PAWS Student Materials/Belongings Pick-up Day- June 5
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