Images of a Black Lives Matter Flag and an LGBTQIA+ Flag


June 7, 2021


Dear PAWS Families,

Reminder that due to the heat, today and tomorrow, Monday, June 7 and Tuesday, June 8, all of the the children at PAWS will dismiss at 11:30am.

Thursday, June 10th, the new Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ flags will be installed at P.A.W.S. All classrooms will then create individual classroom flags that represent the children in each classroom and the smaller classroom flags will be added to a larger unified PAWS flag that will be hung up in the school.

Here is what each classroom will be discussing:

1. Teachers and students will talk about symbols such as: Stop Sign, Lego, Target Symbol, American Flag

Teacher: “Have you seen these before? Where? What do you notice? Tell me about them.

Acknowledge any responses.

Teacher:  “Yes, these are symbols that mean something. When you see this symbol you know it means ‘Stop’ etc.”


2. Show the BLM and LGBTQIA+ Flags: 

Teacher: “Have you seen these symbols before? Where? What do you notice? Tell me about them.”

Acknowledge any responses.

Teacher: “This is a Black Lives Matter Flag and this is an LGBTQIA+ Flag. Sometimes flags can be symbols. These flags mean we want everything to be fair for everyone, no matter who you are. They mean we can focus on taking care of each other. 


These flags will be hung up at PAWS and in other schools in Wellesley. You might also see them in your community. We will create a classroom flag. Everyone will draw a symbol or picture that represents or means YOU! We will put the pictures all together to make a classroom flag. Our classroom flag will be added to a big PAWS flag hung up in the building. Every class will have a symbol on the flag! It will be a PAWS Flag! Once it is hung up, we will get to see it in the hallway at the PAWS school!”


3. Each student will have the opportunity to create a symbol/picture that represents them.  We will use these to create a classroom flag, which will then be added to a larger P.A.W.S. Flag to be hung on the front bulletin board at P.A.W.S. We will share a photo of the finished PAWS Flag hanging on the bulletin board once it is complete with all classes represented. 


Thank you to the PAWS PTO for purchasing the flags and for the parents and faculty who have joined our conversations about the flags over several weeks of meetings. We appreciate your support in our important work! If you are interested in learning more about equity work in preschool you might enjoy looking at the Advancing Equity in Early Childhood Education Position Statement from NAEYC.  Please reach out to me with any questions.

Thank you for your continued support of our work at PAWS and for your positive contributions to our programming!

Snack Thank You

Thank you to the Sprague Family for your Snack donations last week! The fruit popsicles you brought will be greatly enjoyed by the staff this week! Thank you to the Crowley family for your donations of seltzer and snacks this week! Our teachers will feel refreshed, hydrated and appreciated!

Stay safe, stay hydrated and stay cool!


‘Becca Z.



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