December 11, 2021


Dear PAWS Families,


During the past year and a half PAWS has been fortunate to not have to do any contact tracing due to having zero Covid-19 close contact issues in the preschool. We are grateful for that! This week that changed. Covid numbers are creeping up again across the region and we are not exempt from its reaches. We have had families traveling and visiting for the holidays, attending indoor sporting events and concerts, relaxing mask wearing and socializing indoors with family, friends, and neighbors without masks. We understand how much everyone wants to “go back to pre-Covid-time behavior” but it looks like the tentacles of Covid-19 are reaching out and we need your help to keep everyone safe. We are asking everyone to boost up their vigilance again in practicing all of the important mitigation strategies that helped us before, so we can limit the impact of Covid in the preschool.


Please practice the following mitigation strategies:

  • Get vaccinated and receive a booster if eligible;
  • Do not send your child to school if they exhibit any COVID-related symptoms, even if mild;
  • Wear a properly-fitting mask – covering nose and mouth, while indoors at all times;
  • Wear a mask when attending large indoor gatherings and participate in indoor activities, such as shopping, especially when you don’t know the vaccination status of those around you;
  • Practice social distancing where possible, particularly when not wearing a mask and when eating out;
  • Practice excellent hand washing and hand hygiene.


What do I do if my child has been identified as a close contact?

If your child has been identified as an in-school close contact, you will be informed of this via an email and a phone call from school. If your child has been identified as an in-school close contact, and is participating in the “test and stay” program at school, he/she should be quarantining at home while outside of school.  The test and stay program is really a way that we are able to manage quarantining while allowing asymptomatic students to still attend school.  After school, these same students should not be participating in group activities such as youth sports during their quarantine period.


How do I sign up my child for the “Test and Stay” program?

If you would like to provide consent for your child to participate in the WPS COVID-19 viral testing program but have not provided consent, please do so using this Testing Program Consent Link  Without this consent, students cannot participate in the district’s viral testing program, including the test and stay program.  

For more information please check out the WPD Covid-19 Dashboard and the Covid-19 Protocols Flowchart.


Reach out to Nurse Zinta or to me, with any questions.


Helping Hands
We are almost there!! There are just a few items left on the PAWS Helping Hands list this year! If you can lend a hand to help a family in need, please check out what is left to be purchased. We are so grateful for those who have been able to help so far!

Tea with ‘Becca – a Space for Conversation, Connection, and Questions

December 16, 2021 – 1:00pm-2:00pm – Join me via Zoom, along with other PAWS parents, to talk about preschool topics that are important to you. A zoom link to join the meeting will be sent separately prior to the meeting.



Thank you for your ongoing support and positive contributions to PAWS and the PAWS community!  Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Wear your masks, wash your hands, stay vigilant, stay safe and be well! All of us doing our part will make a difference!



‘Becca Z.


Important Dates:


December 16 – Tea with ‘Becca – 1:00am-2:00pm

December 22 & 23 – PAWS Spirit Days – wear something YELLOW

December 24-December 31 – Year-end Vacation – No School

January 3 – School reopens

PAWS UP 12-11-2021
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