January 4, 2022

Dear PAWS Families,


Happy New Year! I hope that this letter finds you well and refreshed after the holiday vacation!


Please read through this PAWS UP (PAWS Updates and Postings) for some important information about:


What do I do if my child is going to be absent from school?

When students are absent, we ask that parents complete the online PAWS Absence Reporting Form. It is an incredibly important tool for contact tracing as well. Please keep your child home if they are ill and follow these guidelines.


Please fill out the PAWS Absence Reporting Form for every day of your child’s absence. Please indicate if the child is ill, if you are on vacation, or if you are simply wishing to keep your child home for a few days.



How do I sign my child up to participate in the School Pool Testing?

If you have not yet provided consent for your child to participate in the WPS COVID-19 viral testing program and would like to, please do so using this Testing Program Consent Link. This includes the Surveillance Pool Testing (once a week), Symptomatic Testing (if they get sick while at school (not intended for students who are sent to school sick)) and Test and Stay (follow up testing if identified as a close contact at school). Here is a link with more information. It is a free program. You must sign your child up for all three. 


What’s new with Masks? 

With the advent of the omicron virus, we are looking at our masks much more carefully! The science is telling us that cloth masks are not providing the optimal level of protection for us.  Please ensure your child has at least four (non-cloth) surgical style masks such as KN95 or KF94 masks in their backpack each day. The district has a some pediatric surgical style masks for backup. If you are not able to provide disposable masks for your child, please let us know, so that we can help. If you are able to provide an extra box of KF94 masks for your child’s classroom, please let your child’s teacher know!

HERE is an article about why the switch from cloth masks to surgical style masks may provide us with more coverage and safety and another article HERE.

Spreadsheet of Kids Masks 

Youtube – Kids Mask For 12 & Under – A Primer for Parents in Under 20 Minutes – (It is an informational video, however, it is not to be watch with children due to some adult language used.)

The WPS staff have all been provided with KN95 masks and you may notice some staff are double masking to provide an extra layer of protection.

We are all working really hard to stay safe and well so that we can stay in-person in school. We need your help.  Please look into getting some high-quality, well-fitting masks that cover your child’s nose and mouth and fit around the face well. The fit of the mask against the face matters.

Reach out if you have any questions.


Thank You!

A warm thank you to the Mahoney, Crowley, and Cahalane Families for providing the special Linden Lunch to the PAWS Staff right before the holiday break!  The variety of delicious sandwiches and salads was delightful and enjoyed by all at PAWS!  Thank you for treating the faculty and staff with such kindness and care!

Thank you to the Grissino, Kritika, O’Connell and Cafaro Families for providing seltzer and a wide variety of salty and sweet snacks for the staff to enjoy! Your support and appreciation of the teachers and staff is greatly appreciated!


Thank you all for your ongoing support and positive contributions to PAWS and the PAWS community!  Wishing you a safe, healthy and joyful 2022!



‘Becca Z.


Important Dates:


Monday, January 17 – M.L. King, Jr. Day – No School

Thursday, January 20 – Tea with ‘Becca

Friday, January 31 – Report Cards are sent home

February 21-25 – February Vacation Week – No School


PAWS UP – 1/4/22
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