November 21, 2022 


Dear PAWS Families,


I am excited to share some happy news with you about a new program we will be launching that has been 2 years in the making! We are starting the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program at PAWS which will allow each student at PAWS to take home a book bag filled with 10 books, instead of taking out just one book from the library each week.


Research tells us that one of the best ways to raise a reader is to read to them! This article from Reading Rockets has a list of 10 Things You Can Do to Raise A Reader. While each child is different, and the approaches to reading with your child may be unique, spending time with your child and sharing the joy of a story and talking about the illustrations is time well spent! The children will be taking a book bag filled with 10 books home each week.  The goal is for students to read ten books during the week with their families, and then return the book bag the following week, and take out a new book bag with 10 new books. We will keep track of each child’s book bag on a spreadsheet and our volunteers will be checking the returned bags to be sure they are filled with the correct returned books. If you would like to volunteer to help with the project, please SIGN-UP HERE.


The goals of our 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program are to nurture a love of reading while expanding the literature experiences and exposure our students have. You may read more about the development of our project HERE.  


Look for new books and authors that your child may enjoy.

Organize an area dedicated to reading and writing tools.

Visit the library for story time and book recommendations.

Encourage your child to talk about what he’s read.


Talk to your child, and sprinkle interesting words into your conversation.

Offer a variety of books to read.


Read with your child every day.

Expand your home library to include magazines and nonfiction.

Ask questions if you’re concerned about your child’s development.

Decide to raise a reader! – from Reading Rockets



Thank you

Thank you to the Chan-Leung family for providing the staff with the lovely sweet and salty snacks and the seltzer assortment this week! The staff are grateful for your kindness!


Thank you to all of our PAWS families for your ongoing support and kindness! We are grateful for your collaboration with the PAWS team!


Helping Hands for the Holidays

For several years we have had the Helping Hands Project at PAWS. Each year we strive to support our PAWS families at this time of the year. If there are any families experiencing food insecurity or if there is a way we can help to make your child’s holiday a little bit brighter, please let us know.  If you need a helping hand or if you can lend a helping hand, please contact PAWS Director, Rebecca Zieminski. You may donate a needed item, a gift card or decide to “sponsor a child” and fulfill the whole wish list for a child. Any support offered is deeply appreciated.




‘Becca Z.


Important Dates:


Thursday/Friday, Nov 24-25 – Thanksgiving Recess – No School

Monday, Nov 28 – Professional Day – No School

Monday, December 12 – 9:00am-10:00am – Tea with ‘Becca

Spirit Day Color Day – December 22 and 23 – YELLOW

Dec 26 – Jan 2, 2023 – December Break – No School

PAWS UP – Nov. 21, 2022
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