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Google LogoHave you noticed something new in Google ?!?!

Both GMail and Google Drive are changing (or have already changed) the way they look, also known as its “user interface”…


Making the switch:

  • In GMail, currently, you can CHOOSE whether or not to update your user interface by clicking the gear and selecting “Try the new Wellesley Public Schools Mail” [You can also switch back to the “classic GMail,” but likely you will eventually be forced to the new GMail with no option to switch back.]
  • Your WPS Google Drive automatically switched to the new user interface sometime last week – this is/was not a choice nor can you switch back!

While the changes in Google Drive are mostly “cosmetic”, there are some new features in GMail to call your attention to:

    1. A new, right-hand Sidebar allows quicker access to Calendar, Google Keep & Tasks
    2. Smart Reply ​might ​suggest ​responses based ​on ​the ​email ​you ​receive. ​To ​save ​time, select ​a ​response ​(edit ​it ​if ​you ​want), ​and ​send your ​reply.
    3. Take action on an email directly from the inbox (without “opening” the message).  Quickly ​archive, ​delete, ​mark ​as ​unread ​or ​read, and ​snooze ​email ​from ​your ​inbox. ​Point ​to messages ​in ​your ​inbox ​and ​choose ​an ​option.
    4. If ​you +​mention someone in the body of your email ​with ​a ​plus ​(+) ​or ​at ​(@) ​sign, ​Gmail automatically ​adds ​them ​to ​your ​email ​as a ​recipient.
    5. Use the clock icon to Snooze ​email ​until ​exactly ​when ​you ​need ​it. ​The email ​moves ​out ​of ​your ​inbox ​and ​opens ​again ​at a ​time ​you ​choose.
    6. GMail will now “Nudge” users to reply to emails they may have missed and to follow up on emails for which they haven’t received a response.

For more detailed instructions about these new features, and others, check out the following:

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Notice something new in Google?
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