Weekly Message from Terry Weksel, your P.A.W.S. School Psychologist


Dear Families:


I miss all of you and your children!  Seeing you daily at drop-off and pick-up times has always been a joyful way to start the day at P.A.W.S.  I think of you often these days and am in frequent contact with your children’s teachers. I especially enjoy seeing the photos and comments that your children share with the teachers and seeing their participation in Class Zoom meetings.


Some of you have reached out with questions about things that you can do at home to support the children’s learning and development.  A priority that I have is regarding the development of the social emotional learning that is a huge focus in each P.A.W.S. classroom. With that in mind, I am sending a “tip of the week” to you with suggestions.  I’m sure you are receiving a TON of emails these days, so the information I share will be brief and to the point.  


Please contact me if you have questions about specific situations or the tips suggested. This is a whole new experience for all of us, so let’s stay connected!


Here is the first suggested tool:


Active and Empathetic Listening

This two minute video provides practical things to do when your child experiences strong feelings.  This is not only the basis for helping human beings learn to identify their feelings, but is also a foundation for strong relationships with others.  Regarding your children, that means getting them to listen to you because they know that you listen to them!


Stay well! 



P.A.W.S. Early Childhood School Psychologist


Weekly Message from P.A.W.S. School Psychologist
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