Dear P.A.W.S. Families,


I hope this P.A.W.S. Posting and Update finds you all well, and learning to manage the news that we will continue remote learning for the remainder of the school year.  While this information was not unexpected, it has been more for us to manage and process.


Here are articles that you might find interesting or helpful:

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I have been trying to be very careful to not fill your inboxes with an influx of daily emails, so please forgive me, as this email will be long and very full of information, and will inform you of a second email you will receive later this afternoon and of an additional email that will arrive on Monday. Sometimes when it rains it pours. Please read through to the end.


This newsletter holds information about:

  1. Changes Coming for Our SeeSaw App- This is New!

  2. The NEW SeeSaw Class App Personalized Sign-Up Code will be shared with you via email on Monday

  3. A Message from Nurse Ann and from the WPS Nursing Department

  4. Weekly Message from Terry Weksel, your P.A.W.S. School Psychologist

  5. P.A.W.S. FOOD DRIVE – For Our Friends and Neighbors in Need at This Time

  6. Virtual Playdate Invitations

  7. Remote Learning 2.0 – As A Parent, What Do I Need To Do?

  8. Spring Scientist Seeking Signs of Spring Week 2

  9. Thank you!


Changes Coming for Our SeeSaw App- This is New

Currently P.A.W.S. families have been invited to access the SeeSaw free Family App as one of the convenient ways to communicate with the classroom teachers and specialists.  


The district recently purchased the paid version of SeeSaw called the SeeSaw CLASS App which has many more features and allows for more interaction between children, families and teachers. THIS IS NEW. We are looking to have EVERY family sign up for this new SeeSaw Class App.


This afternoon you will be receiving an email with more information about the new SeeSaw CLASS App. I am letting you know this in advance to help ensure you pay attention to the new SeeSaw CLASS App information, and don’t mistakenly dismiss it thinking you already have it.  


The NEW SeeSaw Class App Personalized Sign-Up Code will be shared on Monday

Sign-up information and directions will be sent to you on Monday, with a unique code, just for your child, which will allow you to sign-up for the NEW SEESAW CLASS App. 


If you do not sign-up for the new SeeSaw Class App., you will still be able to use the old Family App. just as you have always done, but you will not have access to everything the teacher posts and assigns, including all of the new features that are available in the SeeSaw Class App. Parent training for the new features of the new SeeSaw Class App. will be offered to support you with any questions you may have.


A Message from Nurse Ann and from the WPS Nursing Department

Hello PAWS Families,

I hope this finds you all well and finding some joy in these “home days”.

The school nurses continue to share newsletters with helpful information for you and your family. This week we are looking at seasonal allergies, we hope you find the information helpful as we are spending more time outside.

Please know I am thinking of you all and am here to support you.

Seasonal Allergies April 2020.pdf 

Take Care,

Nurse Ann


Weekly Message from Terry Weksel, your P.A.W.S. School Psychologist

Dear Families:

I hope this finds all of you well and that you are doing your best to juggle the demands on your time.  Be sure to find some moments for yourself!  I still miss those morning drop-off hellos, but it is really nice to see you and your children in the class zoom meetings.


If you had the opportunity to watch last week’s short (one minute) video about emotional well-being, I’d love to know what you thought of it.   Emotional Well-Being


I’ve been wondering how our P.A.W.S. youngsters understand why we are not in school right now.  Have any of you had conversations with them about the virus?  


Here is one idea IF you are looking for a developmentally appropriate way to explain to your preschooler that we are going to keep learning at home and seeing our teachers and friends on the computer. If your children ask when they are going to P.A.W.S., this might be a helpful explanation.  


Learning at Home


Stay well! 



P.A.W.S. FOOD DRIVE – For Our Friends and Neighbors in Need at This Time:

Every so often, we can all use a little help from our friends and now, with the global pandemic affecting so many people, we have some P.A.W.S. families who are experiencing some unexpected challenges and are currently in need.  Your donations of some household products and food will help greatly!  Please review the available slots on THIS SIGN-UP GENIUS and click on the buttons to sign up, if you are willing and able to help.

If it is easier for you, you can send items from Amazon, Target, Whole Foods or your favorite store, directly to one of the town social workers, Maura Renzella, 16 Bradley Ave., Wellesley, MA or drop items off at her house, with a note that says PAWS CARES, and she will distribute items to our families in need.

Thank you in advance for your care and support!


The PAWS Cares Team


Virtual Playdate Invitations

The classroom teachers will be sending you an invitation to participate in Virtual Playdates with the classmates in your child’s classroom. Feel free to sign-up on your classroom’s page if you would like to connect your child with their P.A.W.S. preschool friends.


Remote Learning 2.0 As A Parent, What Do I Need To Do?

The number one priority for each parent is to ensure your child is healthy, safe, happy, and cared for each day.


That could be the end of this section.  Full stop. The physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of your child is the most important thing right now, everything else is a bonus. Check your own emotional well-being and be sure you are bringing your calm, your joy, your strength, and your love to your child’s daily experiences.  During these days at home, with all you are managing, balancing and doing, I hope you are able to build in moments of joy with your preschooler.


If you are struggling during this global pandemic, reach out for support and do not add more stress to your life by worrying about missing school work or zoom calls.  We care about you and will call to check in if we have not heard from you, just like we would if the school building were open, to ensure you and your child are OK and to see if we can provide any help to you.  


We introduced remote learning 2.0 and our classroom teachers and specialists are Zooming into  your homes each week for live sessions in addition to creating pre-recorded sessions you can enjoy at a time and pace that is right for your family. 


While families have always been engaged in supporting their child’s learning experience, we understand that some families are challenged to participate in all that is being offered and other families are eager to do more. The synchronous (live Zoom meetings) and the asynchronous (pre-recorded lessons) are provided to serve the P.A.W.S. children and are not intended to increase your stress.  We welcome you to join us when you can, and know we are thinking of you and miss you when you cannot make it. 


Parents and family members play an essential role in a student’s remote learning experience, and we know that if you could make it to every Zoom session,  you would be there!  Just do your best each day, and know we will be here for you when you are able to join us, and for families looking for more, we have a few ideas for you!


For the families looking for more opportunities to socialize, to engage and to do more, we created the Virtual Playdate options for you. We also create additional bonus materials each week that can be found on the P.A.W.S. Remote Learning Website LINKED HERE. Let us know what else you need and what can support your children’s learning by emailing me or adding your thoughts to THIS P.A.W.S. PARENT SURVEY.


Spring Scientist Seeking Signs of Spring – Week 2 LINK

Thank you to all who have added photos of the trees and plants you have observed in and around your house for signs of spring! Please add WEEK 2 Photos to your child’s slide and have fun looking at the different signs of spring we are all starting to notice!

It will be fun to see if the old saying is true that, “April showers bring May flowers!” 


Thank you!

Thank you to all of the families who have reached out with emails and messages of love and support for P.A.W.S., our teachers and our specialists!  Each week I receive hundreds of emails, and my favorites are from you, the P.A.W.S. families sharing the photos, videos, and stories of your children learning with you at home while we are away from school. It is wonderful to see you nurture your children’s gifts, just like the teachers do when we are in school. It might not be perfect, but if you keep trying you might discover your child has new gifts that will grow with your support. I hope you will enjoy watching this short video about a teacher who was able to nurture gifts in a student:   And remember, “There is a difference between being the best in the world and being the best for the world.” We know you are doing your best to balance so many aspects of your world right now, and we are here to work with you, to partner with you and to support you. Look for joyful moments where and when you can find them, focus on what is going well, and reach out if we can help.

Stay safe, stay home, be well.

Best to you,

‘Becca Z.

P.A.W.S. News and Updates 4.24.2020
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