Good Morning P.A.W.S. Families,


I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of our families, faculty and staff members who are working so hard to adapt during these uncertain times. Thank you to those in our community who are involved on the front lines, in the medical profession, and to all who are essential employees who are keeping us supported and safe. These are difficult times for everyone, and now more than ever, I am truly grateful for the P.A.W.S. community. We are in this together, and are here to support each other.


I am pleased to know so many of you have been able to access the numerous opportunities to connect with the teachers either through live class face-to-face meetings, 1:1 meetings, and through the many prerecorded lessons you can enjoy any time!  While this remote learning is not intended to replace the classroom experience, the primary goals of the Preschool remote learning include:

  • Maintain and nurture strong connections and relationships with students and families;
  • Promote joyful, engaging, meaningful and productive learning; 
  • Deepen knowledge and skills; 
  • Encourage the practice and application of knowledge and skills;
  • Prepare and implement remote learning to engage students directly in the curriculum in thoughtful ways so all students can learn and grow; and
  • Provide services and supports to help meet the many needs of all students.


Remote Learning At PAWS:

All students receive a Daily Message from teachers which focuses on our preschool standards. Each Daily Message includes an activity for your child to complete afterwards.

All students receive access to many pre-recorded sessions from teachers and specialists.

Our School Psychologist and Preschool Nurse share tips on healthy practices for preschoolers and supports for social-emotional care and learning.

All teachers and therapists have weekly time to allow for opportunities to connect via email, phone, or video. Teachers and therapists will be sharing their availability with you in their communication to families. Reach out if you would like to connect and we will schedule a time with you.

Pre-recorded sessions are intended for children to engage with a flexible schedule. As a team, we decided that pre-recorded sessions were optimal for preschoolers, given their age, ability to attend to a virtual session, and the fact that preschoolers will require an adult in their home to sit with them to support their participation in online learning activities. Given that many parents have other children at home and are also managing their own work responsibilities, we want you to be able to access our activities at a time that is most convenient for you and your family. We hope that these pre-recorded sessions, combined with our live class meetings, and email, phone, or zoom meeting availability, will enable our staff to maintain a strong connection with you and your child.

Communication is key during this time of remote learning.  Reach out to your child’s teacher, therapist, or to me and we will do all we can to assist you to the best of our ability.


THIS WEEK you are invited to help your child become a scientist! 


This week and in the weeks ahead everyone at P.A.W.S. is invited to look for signs of spring and be a P.A.W.S. SPRING SCIENTIST!


We have spent time talking about signs of spring and about our 5 senses in class.  In the coming weeks we will continue to explore changes in our outside world as SPRING takes hold.


We are inviting every child in each classroom to choose one blossoming tree or bush to observe as it changes over the next few weeks during the month of April into May. We encourage families to take pictures of their tree over the next three or four weeks to enter into the P.A.W.S SPRING SEEKERS slide deck to show how this tree has changed.


This week:

  1. Please help your child to choose a blossoming tree or bush around your yard, neighborhood or place you like to walk, and watch it over the next few weeks during the month of April into May. 
  2. If you can, tie a piece of thread or ribbon loosely on the branch you have selected. This will help you recognize the tree or bush you have chosen as it changes.
  3. Take a picture of how it looks NOW and add it to this P.A.W.S. SPRING SEEKERS SLIDE DECK. 
  4. We hope everyone at PAWS will be able to experience many different signs of spring!


We will send out another email next week, and ask you to check the branch where you tied your ribbon.  You will take another picture to send in, and we will be able to see what changes have occurred! 


Vocabulary Development:

You may wish to start talking to your child about how tree branches, stems, leaves, and flower blossoms change as the seasons change


Language and experience extensions for some children:

  1. Explain that many of the trees and bushes around the yard will be changing in springtime.  You may wish to take time to touch and name the parts of a tree, e.g., “this is the trunk of the tree, is the bark smooth or rough, here are the branches, there is a bud…blossom….leaf, etc.”
  2. What do you predict will happen next with this tree/bush?
  3. Encourage and guide your child to notice and wonder about their tree.

We are continuously seeking ways to engage the children in activities that help them to connect to their world and that bring families together.  We appreciate your partnership in this work. We are also eager to support you while you are home and encourage you to reach out with suggestions, feedback, or questions at any time.


Be well,

‘Becca Z.


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