Message from Terry Weksel, your P.A.W.S. School Psychologist


Dear Families:


This morning, I found in my inbox a video about how relationship building with children and parenting/behavior management are connected.  Three important points are covered:  1) the importance of child-directed play; 2) labeled praise; and 3) active ignoring.   Here is the link:  


Child Directed Play, Praise, and Active Ignoring


The first seven and a half minutes provide the strategies for Child Directed Play.

The next two minutes explains “labeled praise.”

The final six minutes cover the topic of active ignoring, a very useful strategy to avoid inadvertently reinforcing unexpected behavior.


If you can practice the Child Directed Play ideas first, the other two strategies build nicely onto them! I hope you’ll find this useful.


Stay well, everyone.  Miss you all.



P.A.W.S. Early Childhood School Psychologist


Dr. Terry Weksel, Psy.D.
School Psychologist and Community Therapy Case Manager, Preschool at Wellesley Schools
Wellesley, MA  02481

A Message From Your PAWS School Psychologist Terry
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