Dear PAWS Families,


The summer weather is certainly a bright bonus for us today!  With so much uncertainty ahead of us, I hope you are actively and intentionally looking for the joy in each day.  I am enjoying taking care of my bee hive this summer and I now have a new appreciation of the term “busy as a bee” as those bees are working constantly and with such purpose and intensity.  It reminds me of the behind the scenes work we are doing in the district to get ready for the fall and the start of school. There are committees and subcommittees working, communicating, zooming, planning, surveying and analyzing data all day and well into the night.  We have not stopped working since school ended in June.


I know you have many questions about next year.  There are no easy answers and there are no perfect solutions.  At PAWS we are working diligently to reallocate space in the preschool to spread out learning, we are working to make the preschool class sizes smaller, and we are working to add outdoor learning spaces.  It is our hope and plan to follow the DESE guidance and bring all of the preschoolers back to school following very specific safety guidelines and safety precautions. There are many stakeholders involved and many voices at the table that will influence the decisions in the future.  As I learn of any updates, I will be sharing them with you.


PAWS TUITION UPDATE – Tuition Due Extended to August 25

I am reaching out to share that we are moving the tuition due date of August 15 out to August 25th.  We hope that the firm plans for the fall will be announced by August 13.  By moving the tuition due date to August 25, parents will have a little more time to decide what they would like to do about school in the fall before making their tuition payment on August 25th.


PAWS CARES Request – Washing Machine Needed

We have a PAWS family whose washing machine is no longer working and they are in need of a washing machine.  If anyone has a working washing machine they no longer need or were planning to upgrade and would like to donate their current machine to a family in need, please email me.  Thank you for your care during this difficult time.



A webinar from the Cox Campus at the Rollins Center for Language and Literacy a program of the Atlanta Speech School:


How Relations Affect Your Children’s Learning Development  During the Pandemic and Beyond


I hope you and your families are all well, and are staying safe and healthy.  Thank you to those who have sent words of encouragement and support.  It means a great deal and is deeply appreciated. Thank you to those of you who have shared your personal experiences with remote learning. As each family situation has been unique, I welcome the opportunity to hear from each of you, if you would like to share your thoughts and experience with me as to how remote learning was for your preschooler in your family.  Hearing about your lived experiences helps me as I think about planning for the future, should we need to be remote in the future.


Thank you for your positive partnership. Together we will get through this.   Be well, be kind to yourselves and to each other. 



‘Becca Z.

PAWS Updates and Tuition Due Date Extended
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