Dear PAWS Families,


I am writing to let you know of a change in our staffing for some of our students.  In our original planning we had 10 preschool classrooms and now we are adding an additional classroom which will become Preschool 11.  This addition provides an opportunity for smaller class sizes and the potential to bring all preschoolers back in person and thus be able to attend school according to their original PAWS schedules, if and when we are able to do so.  While a decision has not yet been made about preschoolers attending school in person for all of their allotted days in a week, an additional classroom will allow us this possibility with six feet of distance in between students.  I am very pleased to announce that Ana Paula Abranches will teach the new section of preschool at PAWS. Ana Paula has been working as an early childhood educator for 29 years and has been at PAWS as a Teaching Assistant for 2 years and  Paraprofessional for 3 years.   She is excited to return to the classroom as a lead teacher and teach our PK11 classroom.  


As a result of this new configuration, some students have been reassigned since the parent portal opened.  The placement team has worked diligently to make these new assignments with the goal of creating balanced classrooms, as in the past.  Later today all preschool families will receive an email with your current child’s teacher and cohort assignment.  


I understand that changes to assignments have many implications for families, and I thank you for understanding and hope this change will feel like a benefit to all.  


Warm regards,


Rebecca Zieminski

Adding a New PAWS Classroom
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