January 29, 2022

Dear PAWS Families,

I hope you are all staying safe and warm on this blustery and blizzardy day!


A parent at Tea with ‘Becca Z. asked about how to create a chill-zone at home, similar to the ones we have at school that serve as a calming space where children can go to feel just right. On a day when we are staying warm inside, I thought I might share this information with you about how to create a special, cozy space at home.

This space is typically a space that is only for one person at a time, with things that can help the child feel calm if they feel sad or tired (blue zone) or frustrated (yellow zone) or angry (red zone). You can make your own chill-zone at home! Fill it with things that put you back in the green zone. You can make your own chill-zone with a few things that help you feel calm and just right. Please share a picture of your chill zone with your classroom teacher so your teacher and other kids can see your space, or share it on Seesaw. I hope you use this new chill-zone while you’re at home to help you feel just right. Thank you to PK3 teacher Amanda Dunham for sharing this information about creating a chill-zone at home!


Image 1: A teacher sitting on a soft cushion, leaning on a pillow, wearing headphones and coloring in a coloring book. Image 2: A basket with a book, photos, coloring book and coloring supplies.

Example of Miss Amanda’s (PK3) chill zone at home – she has:

  •  A book I love

  •  Headphones

  •  A pillow for squeezes

  •  Pictures of my family

  •  A coloring book 

What will you put in your special space?  What will you call your special area: a chill-zone, cozy corner, safety fort?  We can’t wait to hear about your at home chill-zone and how you use it!

Attention caregivers: This space is not a punishment and a child should not be made to go here. It is for them to use throughout the day as a positive space to self-regulate. There are two social stories about using a quiet space like a “chill zone” attached for your reference. Please let me or your child’s classroom teacher know if you have any questions.


Valentine’s/Friendship Day

Each year on or around February 14th, the children are invited to exchange Valentine’s/Friendship Day cards with their classmates and teachers.  Some families call this tradition St. Valentine’s Day and other families call it Friendship Day.  Chill Zone at Home .pdf PAWSTAKINGABREAKATSCHOOL.pptx SPACE.pptx 

Each child traditionally brings in a little card with a note of friendship or kind words to give to the other children and teachers in his/her class as a way of showing kindness and caring. These cards can be handmade or store bought. Please be sure that you bring a Valentine for each child in the class.

It is fine if you would like to create a goody bag of trinkets this year such as stickers, pencils, tattoos, bubbles, etc. We cannot share any food items including candy or sweets. If you would like your child to make cards at school, we can help your child, or we can send home paper and glue if that would be helpful for you to make cards at home.  Please reach out to your child’s teacher or to me with any questions about the Valentine’s/Friendship Day Tradition.

Thank You!

Thank you to the Hirsch Family for the black and white snacks for the staff to enjoy this week! The chocolate/powdered mini donuts and hot cocoa were enjoyed and appreciated by the teachers and staff!


Thank you to all of our PAWS families for your ongoing support and positive contributions you make that help PAWS and the PAWS community!  Stay safe and warm this weekend!



‘Becca Z.

Important Dates:

February 10 – 11:00-12:00 – Tea with ‘Becca Z.

February 14 – Valentine’s/Friendship Day 

February 17&18 – Spirit Days – Wear Something Pink

February 21-25 – February Vacation Week – No School


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