Students are now able to use the multi-task function on the iPad and their cameras will remain turned on.  The camera only stays on when they are multi-tasking (i.e both apps are open at the same time).  Here is a screenshot of Zoom and Jamboard open at the same time.  Notice that all cameras are still active.  This will also work in a breakout room.

When could this be valuable?  

  • Students who need non-verbal prompting during a lesson.  The student can now have a Google Doc or a Google slide open during a zoom session.  They now have access to their supports outside the zoom session.
  • Listening to text read aloud.  The teacher can read a text aloud and the student can have that document open in a side-by-side window.
  • Following steps for opening an assignment – the teacher can now screen share and the student can follow along in the other window.

If you haven’t used multi-tasking before, here is a short video to show you how to activate it.  Here is info from apple with text directions

Zoom and Multi-Tasking on the iPad
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